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The Benefits of ProLink III Software

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tonya Wyatt

Tonya Wyatt

Senior Product Marketing Manager

ProLink® III Software

We know that anything that makes operations run smoother is something you look for. So today we’re shining a spotlight on ProLink® III software.
ProLink III software is a configuration and service tool with a clear display interface allowing you to access meter information across multiple devices. It lets you easily configure and monitor your Emerson™ Coriolis, Magnetic and Vortex flow meters, as well as Density and Viscosity meters.

Manage systems
ProLink III helps you manage system process variables more efficiently, by displaying process variable information available, including, totalizer, inventory data and alerts.
The features that help you include:

  • Ability to access concise data using an intuitive interface
  • View calibration and configuration data in a printable report to quickly reference device setup
  • Highlight process-control opportunities with an online process-variable-trending tool
  • Simultaneously view process data from multiple meters
  • Reduce connection time to meters in hazardous areas with offline configuration
  • Easily access device information through HART, Modbus and Modbus/TCP support
  • Diagnose meters remotely using a Modbus/TCP connection

Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting with ProLink III. The intuitive interface lets you simultaneously access all the information to assess your meter’s health.
It shows you process variables and alert conditions at a glance. You can also view detailed information about the raw signals being processed by a device; such as Coriolis meter drive gain, pickoff values, densitometer time period, and magnetic meter line noise. This kind of information can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting device behavior and can minimize expensive downtime.

In addition, it provides configuration capabilities that allow you to save and upload configuration information from one device to another. You can even use the offline configuration tool to configure a device prior to making a physical connection. With features like these, you can more efficiently manage the set up and commissioning of your Micro Motion or Rosemount Flow device.
The guided connection tool with its drag-and-drop interface allows you to take out the guesswork when trying to connect to the device.

Basic vs Professional ProLink III Software
ProLink III basic is a powerhouse tool in and of itself but upgrading to the Professional version adds an additional set of features that speed up workflows and give you access to diagnostics that go deeper into meter health and process data. Some of these features include process variable trending, data-logging and multi-device comparison.

The return on investment with ProLink III can be calculated through time savings realized because meter checks are now be easily performed by accessing the dashboard instead of having to physically check the meter. This, along with the ability to preconfigure a unit while offline, means reduced time in the field.
With the regular data gathered through ProLink III you will be able to extend the life your equipment because you’ll be able to make changes before an anomaly can cause potential problems. Maintenance of meters can be scheduled based on data gathered using ProLink III.

Take a closer look at what ProLink III can do for you!

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