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Navigating your Career with the 5 V’s

Emerson's Meha JhaThe transition continues across many industries as Baby Boomers retire and new professionals come into the manufacturing & production industries. That’s true for refiners and petrochemical producers. Here in San Antonio, Texas, at the AFPM Operations & Process Technology Summit, an Emerging Leaders panel explored the issues surrounding this transition.

Emerson’s Meha Jha joined this panel with other young leaders from producers across North America. Meha opened the session describing the five V’s for managing your career. The five V’s—vitality, visibility, variety, value, and vision.

Vitality is the strengths that guide the individual and the organization’s vital signs and make sure there is some common overlap to fit. There should be opportunities to stretch your capabilities to continue to grow your skills and experience.

Visibility means that it is important for you to grow your network, your exposure to new experiences and perspectives, and connections at various levels of your organization and industry. Within a company, be a part of cross-functional initiatives and strategic imperatives. Externally be a part of professional organizations and industry associations.

Variety means taking on different roles from areas of subject matter expertise, organizational functions, industries, accounts and geographies. Look for opportunities to stretch current skills and experience.

Value is what you bring to the roles from both an internal and external perspective. The value chain begins at raw material supply through transportation & logistics, manufacturing operations, more transportation & logistics, and finally to distribution, sales & marketing.

Vision is clearly defining your goals within your current roles and looking forward to future role possibilities. It’s important to communicate these goals and possible paths with your manager and others in your network.

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