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Mobile Information Accessibility Benefits

by , | May 8, 2020 | Control & Safety Systems

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

One of the critical elements in Digital Transformation initiatives is mobile access to information. Mobility enables improvements, collaboration and issue resolution to improve overall operational performance.

In a Control Engineering article, Seven benefits to using mobile software in your organization, Emerson’s Mariana Dionisio describes how this mobility helps organizations drive business performance improvements with their engineering and operations staff.

Mariana opens noting how the generational transition for manufacturers and producers is one of the driving forces behind the push for mobile solutions. And by:

…implementing built-for-purpose mobile automation solutions, organizations can redefine the way plant staff operates, creating a draw for the best and brightest people, while simultaneously delivering improvements to operations and production.

To drive more efficient, productive operations there is a:

…need for secure, on-demand access to critical information to enhance operational safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Mariana lists seven key benefits in the use of mobile technologies:

  1. Freedom the multitask
  2. Stability and safety
  3. Deliver positive user experience with mobility software
  4. Ability to meet user expectations
  5. Secure mobile data access
  6. Improve departmental communications
  7. Workforce support

I’ll highlight the benefit around secure data access and invite you to read the article for the rest.

As mobile technologies have evolved, so too have user expectations of secure mobile access to data. From banking applications to electronic wallet technology, users regularly experience products with built-in security features and protocols.

Mobile software for process automation also can offer integrated security features that are nearly invisible to the user. Designed with read-only access, these applications prevent users from inadvertently affecting operations. In addition, mobile access to process and diagnostic data is typically provided through dedicated secondary servers located above the automation control network, giving the user an extra layer of security.

The best solutions will provide these features out-of-the-box with little to no administrator configuration and no end-user configuration. Leveraging user-friendly technologies simplifies plant workflow is a key role in retaining millennial talent.

In Mariana’s role as a process automation and mobility expert for Emerson, she works to deliver these benefits in the DeltaV Mobile application in the DeltaV distributed control system.

DeltaV Mobile iPhone screens

Visit the DeltaV Mobile section on Emerson.com for more on how it delivers mobility to improve operations performance and safety by having the plant information readily available. You can also connect and interact with other control system and mobile application experts in the Control & Safety Systems and IIoT & Digital Transformation groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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