Calibrating Fiscal Transfer Measurements with Master Meter Provers

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Sachin Ingalekar

Sachin Ingalekar

Product Manager for Flow Solutions

Daniel Master Meter ProverAccuracy of fiscal transfer measurement is of great importance as even a small error in measurement can lead to a large financial difference. Provers ensure a fiscal transfer system is providing the most accurate measurement possible. They provide a stationary or mobile means to facilitate calibration of flow meters before, during or after a transfer.

A prover is an automated system that provides on-site calibration. It ensures flow meters in service for fiscal and custody transfer applications maintain sustainable measurement performance as well as remain in compliance with industry standards.

The prover is placed in series with the meter to determine the meter factor during stable operating conditions. This process, known as in-situ proving, is preferable over off-site calibration because it verifies the meter’s performance using the exact product and process conditions that the meter normally experiences during field operation.

Daniel Master Meter Prover Minimize Downtime, Maximize Certainty

  • Prove a wide range of meter technologies and sizes to their factory or industry specifications.
  • Reduce costs and downtime associated with off-site proving.
  • Ensure meter reliability and repeatability and verify its accuracy to reduce measurement uncertainty
  • Meet contractual and regulatory requirements and minimize financial risk
  • Satisfy industry requirements for mass, density, and volume calibration
  • Rely on conformity to master meter prover requirements of API Chapter 4.5
  • Minimize complexity and uncertainty with a single-source provider

Download a guide on Metrology Systems to find out how you can improve measurement confidence and minimize fiscal risk by using the Master Meter Provers.

For more on provers and their role in meter calibration, visit the Meter Provers section on You can also connect and interact with other custody transfer experts in the Measurement Instrumentation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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