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Top Emerson Flow Measurement Blogs of 2019 Part 2

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Michelle Cox

Michelle Cox

Senior Marketing Campaign/Programs Manager | Measurement Solutions


Today we continue our journey through the top-visited blog posts of 2019. As we count down through the five most popular pieces from last year, you might notice a trend. Our readers are always searching for the best of the best when it comes to flow meter and density measurement technology. With our blog, we aim to provide the most up-to-date intelligence on advancements and trends for these critical tools.

Our readers asked – what is the best flow meter solution for me? Our most valuable content helped answer this question to take the guesswork out of finding the best flow meter for your needs. Read on for our countdown to the number one post of 2019.

Number 5: The Basics of Flow Measurement with Coriolis Meters: Part 2

Taking a look inside a Coriolis flow meter, you can see the science that drives this technology. A cross-section of the meter displays how two tubes are situated to oscillate in opposition to each other, allowing the Coriolis Effect to occur. As the process fluid moves through these tubes, they twist slightly, and the meter measures this motion. The mass flow rate is then calculated from the time delay generated by the twisting motion and other known data variables like temperature. In the case of a Micro Motion dual-tube Coriolis meter, the tubes are arranged into a U shape, optimizing the sensitivity of the sensor and significantly improving instrument accuracy. As many of our readers did, check out the blog post to discover more. In addition to a more detailed explanation of how these sensors achieve impressive levels of performance, you’ll find a visual guide of Coriolis meters and a convenient chart that breaks down the cost savings in the lifecycle of these exceptional instruments.

Number 4: Coriolis Flow Meters: Achieve Dependable Performance from Your Mass Flow Meter

These top five blog posts illustrate an increasing interest in Coriolis flow meters. The popularity of number four on our list demonstrates that our customers recognize the investment they are making when they install this specialized equipment. Here you will find eight best practice tips on the installation, operation and maintenance of your Coriolis flow meter. Distilled from our decades of experience and knowledge from our customers’ successes, many found this list post of practical advice useful.

Number 3: Flow Meter Sizing and Selection Just Went from Good to Great

Digital tools for the search and selection of customized flow meter solutions were, and still are, very popular. Certainly, visitors to our blog were looking for ways to pinpoint the most appropriate flow meters for their process application. Our new and improved Sizing and Selection tool will guide you to the best products tailored to fit your needs. This upgraded version allows you to compare different flow meters directly and to dynamically alter process parameters as you move through selection and comparison of the most advanced flow meter solutions in the marketplace.

Number 2: Minimize Downtime and Increase Safety With Free ProLink® III Software

Our announcement that ProLink III Basic is available for free continues to be a highly viewed article all the way through 2019. No surprise there! We wanted our customers to be able to easily configure and monitor their flow meters, so we have been offering this valuable software for free since early 2017. ProLink III Basic grants you the ability to interface with your meter’s data across multiple devices. It adds another layer of insight into your meter’s health and takes the guesswork out of your troubleshooting efforts.

Drumroll please, …and our number one blog post of 2019 is…

Number 1: Comparing Flow Meter Technology: Choosing the Meter

Coriolis, magnetic, positive displacement, turbine, ultrasonic, vortex, or differential pressure – what type of flow meter fits your process requirements the best? In our most-read blog post of 2019, we wanted to help answer this question. In it, you will find a detailed analysis of each type of meter, associated costs scale, accuracy percentages, advantages, disadvantages, and typical applications. Visitors found this a valuable first step in researching and evaluating this sophisticated equipment.

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