Production Accounting and Mass Balance Performance Management

by , | Feb 13, 2020 | Event, Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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Reliable, accurate flow measurements are at the heart of excellence in production accounting and mass balances for chemical and hydrocarbon processing facilities. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are only as good as the data that feeds them.

Next Tuesday, February 18 at 2pm CST (UTC -6), Emerson’s Julie Valentine will join Pimsoft’s Sigmafine meter performance management webinar to discuss Emerson’s and Pimsoft’s best practices and solutions for reducing uncertainties and improving data reconciliation and mass balance measurement systems. Register here.

For producers in the downstream industries, critical measurement systems include custody transfer, blending, process unit yields and process heater performance. Improving the performance of these critical measurements helps to reduce losses, improve cost control, increase productivity & yields, and enable predictive, condition-based maintenance for the meters.

Pimsoft’s Sigmafine meter performance management webinarJulie will discuss the importance and impact of measurement systems on the usability of KPI’s, how to assess the performance of measurement systems, and which technologies are best suited for critical flow measurements.

Accurate mass balances improve profitability, health/safety/environmental (HSE) performance, and overall process performance. From a profitability standpoint, payment is based on custody transfer measurement and not reconciled measurements. Also losses from theft can be more quickly spotted and remedied. From an HSE perspective, accurate emissions reporting helps avoid overpaying. Accurate measurements help to improve efficiency calculations, catalyst conversions and yields.

Flow measurement is the foundational step for production accounting and loss control. The flow meters require solid maintenance and calibration practices. The flow measurement technology should accommodate changes in process conditions and the compositions of the materials being measured. For instance, volumetric flow measurements are affected by density changes. If the density measurements are not measured online, but instead through lab samples, inaccuracies will occur.

The Sigmafine application works to identify measurement issues by first building a model of how the process equipment and information is related. Engineering principles such as simple pressure-temperature compensations to more complex property estimations and equations of state are applied to the model. Next, conservation principles and such as mass, energy, composition and properties analysis rules are applied. The application solves the model for the minimal error.

Register for the webinar to learn more from Julie about the technologies best suited for critical flow measurements and ongoing meter verification, data quality KPIs, types of custody measurements, and more.

Visit the Micro Motion Flow & Density Measurement section on for more on the measurement technologies to improve production accounting and mass balances. You can also connect and interact with other flow measurement experts in the Measurement Instrumentation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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