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Improving Engineering Work Processes

by , | May 28, 2020 | Capital Projects

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

This COVID-19 Coronavirus era in which we find ourselves is causing some rethinking of how we accomplish our work. This is especially true for those working from home during this time of mandated lock downs.

Efficient Plant had an interesting podcast, Digital Technology Changes Engineering Work. Emerson’s Lisa Nelson joins the podcast hosted by Gary Parr who is also joined by Wood‘s Bridget Spencer. Gary opened the podcast asking Lisa about some of the digital technologies and their impact on engineering work practices.

Lisa explained that more than ever, engineers are driven the need for speed and productivity. Digital technologies that enable self-service and quick access to experts helps to address these needs. Online chat tools provide an immediate connection to engineers involved in problem solving activities such as equipment sizing and fit for application. Lisa noted that what starts initially as a chat can move to more traditional sources of collaboration including email and phone conversations.

Another key way technology is driving efficiency gains is in the tasks required to implement a project. Eliminating manual steps and duplication through better software design and integration can eliminate steps that were previously required and drive greater accuracy.

Bridget noted a large shift from spreadsheets to database tools that integrate various software platforms to move data and provide improved accessibility and collaboration. She explained that the process models connect with the smart PI&D designs, smart 3D modeling tools, instrumentation management tools and more. A data hub or data warehouse manages the data flows in these tools. The key benefits of this connectivity and workflow are greater efficiency, collaboration and reduced mistakes from re-keying data.

MyEmerson digital improve workGary asked about collaboration and the role of these tools. Lisa shared that the MyEmerson section on Emerson.com has a collaborative workspace area where engineers can log in and work with peers in their organization, their local representative, and/or Emerson Customer Care professionals and subject matter experts. Some examples include spare parts lists, upgrade planning and other content to share. Traditional interactions with Emerson over the phone or through email can also be added into these collaborative workspaces.

Listen to podcast for more from Bridget and Lisa and they highlight other ways to drive efficiency, quality, schedules and speed for engineers to more effectively perform their jobs.

Visit the MyEmerson Personalized Digital Experience section on Emerson.com and its components including MyWorkspace, MyTransactions, MyAssets, and Preference Center to streamline work processes and increase collaboration. Read this article and learn how digital technologies are changing the way engineers do work.

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