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Upskilling Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

by , | Apr 9, 2020 | Services, Consulting & Training

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Digital transformation can’t happen without carefully planning the people side of the equation and the new skills and practices which will be required. Having the skills to effectively use the digital technology enablers is critical.

Flow Control: Q&A: Offering the latest training on automation technologies helps upskill the workforceIn a Flow Control article, Q&A: Offering the latest training on automation technologies helps upskill the workforce, Emerson’s Mike Brouse about the these challenges and opportunities to address them. I’ll highlight two of the questions the Flow Control staff asked and invite you to read the article for the rest.

The first question for Mike was about the current challenges surrounding the skills gap. Mike responded:

With the growth of technology and digitization, jobs are getting highly specialized and automated. The type of skills required are changing. New digital technologies are disrupting the business landscape with major consequences for how industries are structured and economic activity occurs. Studies are showing that advanced manufacturers could create up to 3.5 million job openings by 2025, yet nearly 2 million of those jobs may go unfilled for lack of the right skills to meet modern manufacturing demands.

The working age population is growing at half the rate of the past century, and baby boomers are retiring in record numbers. Manufacturers are struggling to find the talent needed to run their plant. There is a great need to feed a pipeline of new workers who see manufacturing jobs as viable and a successful career path both for the highly skilled engineer as well as the process instrumentation tech.

In a question about the opportunities for upskilling current and future manufacturing and production personnel, he noted:

Adopting approaches that empower workers to acquire knowledge and experience faster and more effectively ensures they have access to training in flexible formats to increase proficiency with the technology and processes with which they interact. Collaborating with higher education institutions and industry helps attract people entering the workforce to the industry as well as facilitates programs that help train current and future workers.

When you look at ways to upskill, you become a vital part of transforming the workforce for both current and future employees. This gives you the opportunity to expand on partnerships and attract top talent. You will find that when you invest in your employees, retention will improve because their knowledge and expertise is increasing. This type of approach and strategy is a major resource as digital transformation makes a mark in the manufacturing industry.

Constantly looking for innovative approaches in training and upskilling provides excitement and interest that grow the pipeline for the manufacturing sector.

Read the article for Mike’s answers to these questions:

  • What job requirements does the current and future industrial workforce lack?
  • How is Emerson addressing the skills gap challenge?
  • What are the benefits of companies such as Emerson in collaborating with educational institutions or offering training to its current employees?
  • How do training methods differ with the younger generation entering the workforce to mature professionals?
  • Tell us more about Emerson’s Performance Learning Platform (PLP). How does it work?
  • What are the benefits of having the PLP?
  • Since the PLP was released, who is using it?

Visit the Educational Services & Training and Performance Learning Platform sections on Emerson.com for more on ways to upskill your personnel to help drive success in your digital transformation initiatives.

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