Operational Analytics for Effective Pump Health Management

by , | Jul 22, 2021 | Asset Management, Reliability | 1 comment

As technology continues to advance, the capability to continuously monitor more assets in a manufacturing or production process grows. In this short 2:53 YouTube video, Ensuring Pump Health, Emerson’s Logan Woolery describes how to avoid downtime by extending condition monitoring beyond just critical pumps to a wide range of other pumps to get a better picture of their overall health and receive early notification of abnormal conditions.

Logan opens noting the importance of pumps across most every process and hybrid process. Traditionally, only the critical pumps have been instrumented to be monitored. The others relied on often infrequent manual inspections. A loss in service of even a less critical pump can lead to production slow downs or stoppages, quality issues, and expensive repairs.

He explains that now it is possible to cost-effectively monitor a wide range of pumps so you can get a better picture of their health and receive early notification of possible failures. Logan shows how by pointing to a typical pump. By looking at measurements already in place such as upstream and downstream pressures and flow pressure measurements assessment can be made on the health of the pump with built-for-purpose analytics found in applications such as Plantweb Insight Pump Application.

For more important pumps, non-Intrusive wireless vibration monitors, such as the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor, can be easily added. These can monitor for conditions like early bearing failure. The data from these vibration sensors are sent wirelessly to the Plantweb Insight application where the analysis is performed, and current health status displayed.

He demonstrates this by dropping a pump’s downstream pressure to create a cavitation condition inside the pump. Normally this would go undetected and cause wear and fail over time. From the Plantweb Insight Apps dashboard, it displays a cavitation alert. Action can be taken to adjust the process to eliminate the cavitation condition.

For more visit the Plantweb Insight section on Emerson.com on ways to digitally transform measurements around plant assets into actionable information for improved decision making. You can also connect and interact with other asset monitoring experts in the Asset Management and IIoT & Digital Transformation groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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