Digital Tools and Frameworks for Digital Transformation

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Manufacturers and producers are undertaking digital transformation initiatives across many areas of their businesses—energy & environmental sustainability, production management, people & culture, business insights & analytics, reliability & maintenance, safety & risk management, supply chain management, systems interoperability & governance, and IT security & operations. Their business objectives drive their strategies on where to focus their efforts.

In a Control Automation article, Emerson Drives Digital Transformation Efforts with Latest Framework and Digital Tools, Emerson’s Mart Berutti shares ways companies are adopting technologies as part of their digital transformation initiatives.

When asked about who is adopting digital transformation strategies, Mart noted:

“All of our customers are on the path to digital transformation… Our customers have to adopt digitalization to survive in a technology driven world. This applies for greenfield projects, brownfield projects, or even just making an older, existing plant relevant today and in the future.”

Some of the technologies helping facilitate these efforts include:

  • Digital twinning/simulation techniques
  • Data management software
  • Plant optimization platforms
  • Smart sensing technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive maintenance

These technologies, as part of the Plantweb digital ecosystem, allows:

…engineers to collect and interpret data straight from their machines in real-time. Plantweb aims to leverage machine and sensor data safely, so users don’t need to worry about their systems being compromised by a cyberattack.

Emerson’s Digital Maturity Tool helps companies assess their operational needs and develop their digital transformation strategy to achieve their business objectives.

Emerson Digital Maturity Model Tool

Read the article for more on the recent announcement about the integration of the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries’ (NAMUR) Module Type Package (MTP) standard into Emerson control systems as well as Mart’s views on the future of digital transformation given rapid advancements in technology and communications.

Visit the Plantweb digital ecosystem section on for more on the technologies and solutions to advance your digital transformation initiatives and drive business performance improvements.

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