Why Your Process Needs Better Manifolds Now

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Achieve consistently accurate pressure readings; rely on pressure transmitter damage prevention

In the current economy, it’s likely you’re reaching for new ways to realize better process results. The issue is, yesterday’s “better” may not meet today’s rising standards for many chemical, upstream oil and gas, and food and beverage applications. These days, the margins for error are shrinking while production demand is rising just when human resources are difficult to attract and maintain. Feels like we’re all doing more with less, and having to make tough, critical decisions in the process.

Add to that the potential trouble with traditional manifolds gumming up a process – literally. Reliability and liability are always critical. If your process includes viscous fluids or those containing gritty or abrasive materials, it’s likely you’re familiar with what happens when these materials plug your existing manifolds. The risks of damaging sensitive transmitters and, most importantly, personnel safety issues, rise exponentially. The results will be costly: loss of production time, product, equipment and more.

The Good News? Better Manifold Design.

You have options when it comes to choosing the right manifold for your process. Better manifold design, such as those we’ve discussed here, in Process Instrumentation’s “Reimagining the Instrument Manifold for Greater Reliability,” can alleviate process interruptions and produce consistently accurate readings. Better manifold design can not only prevent transmitter damage but can go the extra mile in extending the process life of the transmitter.











Available in coplanar and inline connection styles, Emerson’s Rosemount enhanced manifold can be introduced to a variety of pressure instrumentation.


Top contenders: Emerson’s Rosemount Pressure-Lock™ valve enhanced manifolds in the Rosemount R305 Coplanar™ and the Rosemount R306 Inline. Why? The better design—with its two-piece stem design and non-rotating valve tip—offers operators an easier way to position more securely and ergonomically than with a traditional needle valve. Because the Emerson two-piece stem doesn’t rotate, there’s less wear and true closure. The valve’s bonnet threads are not exposed to corrosive processes, which further increases reliability and extends the working life of the manifold.

Additionally, the two-piece stem introduces a mechanical barrier, shielding your process and operators against valve blowout in the face of a major pressure spike, such as can occur in processes where grit and sand (think fracking) may impede flow. The wider bore channels help prevent clogging—even from the sediments already mentioned. No clogs = accurate pressure signal.

The Coplanar design reduces leak points by up to 50% and, because no flange is needed when assembled directly to the Rosemount Coplanar pressure transmitter, you’ll realize significant material savings. The R306 Inline manifold is available with a 2-valve configuration while the R305 is available with 2-, 3- and 5-valve configurations; these valve configurations all allow instrument isolation and drain/vent capabilities.

When it comes to fracking, the Emerson Pressure-Lock manifolds really stand out.  The best outcome—getting the right balance of water and sand into the process so that the optimal amount of oil comes up—can depend on a better designed manifold. An easier to calibrate, no special tools required manifold, such as the Emerson Pressure-Lock, can often mean the difference between usable oil in the tank and too much water and pebbles that must be returned, unusable, to the ground.

If you’re looking for greater reliability, enhanced safety and simplified operation for your process, Emerson’s enhanced manifolds can be the best investment you’ll make this year.

Learn more here, and check out the video, here.


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