OSI monarch and CHRONUS demonstration

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Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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Emerson's Kyle Goerz demonstrates OSI monarchAt the Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series, Emerson’s Kyle Goerz and Ben Kruse who joined Emerson from the recent Open Systems International (OSI) acquisition, shared an OSI monarch platform and CHRONUS Historian demonstration. Here is their session abstract:

This session will feature Open Systems International (OSI)—a recent Emerson acquisition—its industry-leading software platform, monarch, and its data historian platform, CHRONUS. The monarch platform is a highly scalable cloud or on-premise OT automation software platform with industry-leading applications for electric generation, transmission, and distribution management; oil & gas; and other industries. Its comprehensive alarming, control, process analytics, real-time operations, and asset-management capabilities are used by utilities globally. CHRONUS, a next-generation historian for archiving time series data from multiple data sources, will also be showcased in this session, along with associated analytics, and web-based and mobile graphical user interfaces.

Emerson's OSI monarch applicationKyle opened the session describing the monarch platform includes supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), energy management system (EMS), and document distribution management system (DMS) applications. The highlight configurable platform enables quick access to the systems from alarms to substations maps, SCADA system real-time information, generation and distribution networks, actionable information for better situational awareness, and more.

Kyle described how situational awareness has traditionally meant looking at the alarm list—monarch provides this basic function but adds views for generation system locations in 3D, electrical load centers along the distribution network, contingency violations, contingency analysis severity contours, network congestion, network contour, and voltage pillars.

By integrating information from many different systems, it aggregates and visually presents this information for improved decision making. This help identify potential areas of trouble to help mitigate the issues before they lead to service outages.

None of this information is hardcoded, but rather allows end users to create the visualizations needed to more effectively and efficiently operate their fleet and distribution networks. A vast library of visualization widgets enables clear dashboards to be created for the real-time and historical data for improved situational awareness.

Emerson's Ben Kruse demonstrates OSI CHRONUS applicationBen demonstrated the CHRONUS historian which provides a comprehensive data historian platform for high-fidelity archival of times series data. First, he showed operational trending of the temporal data collection and storage (past, present and future periods). This data includes time series data, alarms and events, sequence of events, high frequency phasor (PMU) data. The continuous data can be connected periodically or by exception.

CHRONUS supports historical playback mode and can display tabular point history. Also, custom tabular query displays can be created. Historical analytics reports are available as well as integration with open reporting and data mining tools. ODBC connectivity and Microsoft Office application integration is also available.

Visit the monarch and CHRONUS pages on Emerson’s OSII.com site for more on how these applications help you improve decision-making through better available and actionable information.

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