Innovative Technology and Partnering when Embarking on Sustainability and Decarbonization Journey

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The Asia Pacific region is accelerating decarbonization and energy transformation toward carbon neutrality by 2050. Countries in the region have introduced plans to limit the global warming to 1.5 degC. The process and approach of reaching to the decarbonization targets varies, however, we are seeing that governments as well as industries are already boosting capital investment in technologies related to green hydrogen production, electrical vehicle batteries, carbon capture utilization & storage (CCUS), and new facilities related to hydrogen liquefaction, lithium mining, anode & cathode processing, eco-friendly chemical production, and more.

How Can Emerson Help in Your Environmental Sustainability Journey?

Emerson can impact various aspects of energy transition and decarbonization targets by materializing customers strategies and help transform business operations by providing the innovative technologies and solutions that enable:

  • An optimized production of alternative fuels like hydrogen and biofuels and low-carbon power sources like solar, wind, hydro and nuclear.
  • The management and removal of production emissions (e.g., through carbon capture utilization and the storage, monitoring, and prevention of fugitive emissions).
  • The growing electrification of transportation and other end-uses, such as heat pumps, alongside the integration of the whole energy system such as energy storage and grid management.
  • Identifying efficiencies with advanced control and analytic solutions in energy use, reducing costs and environmental impact.

4 Strategies for Environmental Sustainability

Domain expertise plays a crucial role in the decarbonization journey and with dedicated Sustainability & Decarbonization teams, we can help lead the transition to net zero targets with our four major strategies. Our initiative involves us assigning champions in each country, backed by subject matter experts responsible for supporting our customers with consulting services.

Partnering with Emerson Provides a Dependable Path to A Decarbonization Future

The Asia Pacific region is already taking big steps on the hydrogen economy by ramping up its activities including efforts to deploy offshore wind power generation to produce green hydrogen, to develop hydrogen carriers to transport supply from overseas, and to promote fuel cell vehicles to accelerate the construction of hydrogen refueling stations. There requires new infrastructure in the entire hydrogen value chain to meet those growing demand, and on the other hand, lie challenges in scaling up production, safe and lower-cost distribution, and reliable fuel cell operation. And Emerson automation technology is helping to solve those challenges faced.

Skids and process equipment for hydrogen production need the integration of many products from different vendors, creating possible project delay. Emerson provides with comprehensive range of control and measurement techniques along with digital solutions for OEMs and EPCs, enabling them to minimize project delay risk. Our Digital Twin technology can validate the optimized design for project facility, making a significant effect on schedule of a scaling-up project. Also, the comprehensive portfolio of gas analyzers, pressure reducing valves, gas injection skids, metering and control technology helps to ensure safe and reliable hydrogen storage operations, consistent compressor and injection performance, and measurement assurance within fiscal metering applications. PACSystems RX3i controllers with integrated edge capability provide complete control of the hydrogen fuel station with analysis and visualization of diagnostic and process data for the station operator and hydrogen supplier.

So, it’s important work with a partner with a complete technology and solutions portfolio, proven experience and expertise that facilitate the commercial scale-up in the short term and the widespread adoption in the longer term in the hydrogen value chain.

Join us at Emerson Exchange Asia Pacific, coming on October 26-28, 2021 to learn more about our solutions around Sustainability & Decarbonizations. Check out the Emerson Exchange Asia Pacific webpage today!

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