ROI Flows Through Your Valves—Why Valves Matter

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Event, Valves, Actuators & Regulators


  • David Plum
    President, Marketing for Emerson's Final Control Group

Oct 26-28 Emerson Exchange Asia-PacificThe Valve Industry is a complex, fragmented, application-oriented category. Technology is only as good as application. Navigating the technology choices is only the starting point. Even specifying valves has become much more complex. Augmenting the specification with the right approach to digitalization, emissions compliance and other regulatory standards is a constantly evolving opportunity. Particularly as the needs of new stakeholders enter into these decisions.

The Emerson Exchange is a great venue to engage or at least get started. The sessions have been structured and curated to help you understand and improve your business objectives. Our application-oriented expertise is grounded on:

  • Improving process performance
  • Protecting pressure boundaries of the unit or plant
  • Increasing plant reliability or availability, and
  • Extending the useful life of the valve itself.

Think of us as your guide. I recently went on a 4-day wilderness back-packing trip on the Wind River Range of the Grand Teton mountains. We experienced extreme conditions at 12,500 feet elevation along a 40-mile trail while carrying 35 pounds on our backs. We had a great time experiencing the wonders of nature. We came across several different teams doing a similar and sometimes even longer journeys – some alone, others with professional guides. We had a super experience. But, the thing that stood out to me most as I reflect back on it, is the teams who had professional guides had an even richer experience in some very significant ways. The guides gave them the insight they needed to make the best choices for the journey creating better outcomes.

  • Their packs were lighter (they took only what was necessary).
  • They had the best campsites (the guides knew when and where to stop).
  • They spent more time viewing the vistas or just sitting and reflecting.
  • They caught more fish (the guides new where to cast).
  • They were better nourished (the guides paid attention to all the details).

Valve sizing and selection has the same opportunity. At Emerson, our Final Control portfolio is unmatched in brand, breadth (wide and deep), and local subject matter expertise. Team Emerson is that guide. Armed with a series of digital tools across the lifecycle of a valve to improve efficiency, proficiency and productivity that makes us better to help make you better—in both the project phase and the operating phase.

Porject Certainty & Operational Certainty

As a reminder, here are a few ideas to help you position your recommendations on Why Valves Matter—

  • Valves both touch the process and control the process.
  • If you treat a valve like a piece of pipe, it eventually becomes one.
  • Valves don’t have to be a source of emissions if you specify them correctly.
  • Valves can be the last line of defense in equipment safety architectures (PRV, HIPPS, SIS)
  • Valves are estimated to be 2% of total equipment spend. That’s a serious investment that deserves a better ROI.
  • Gold plating specifications have an adverse cost impact (schedule and $)
  • Out-dated specifications create risk (performance and competitiveness)

From the beginning, valves are fundamental to every industrial revolution. They are a key opportunity in your Industry 4.0 IIoT digital transformation plans.

Valve technology has evolved to support business technology. Manual – Pneumatic – analog – digital (larger, faster, more powerful and now – smarter). Are you making optimized choices? We think we can help make those choices even better.

Join us at Emerson Exchange Asia Pacific, coming on October 26-28, 2021 to find out more. Check out the Emerson Exchange Asia Pacific webpage today!

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