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The Math of Cloud Mobility

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Control & Safety Systems, Oil & Gas

Amy Thibault

Amy Thibault

Director Marketing, Brand & Communications, Zedi SaaS SCADA

Maybe you’re looking toward digital transformation, but you’re reluctant to move past the old SCADA system on a server in the utility room. You have that one for data monitoring, a separate one for accounting, and another for remote well control. You get different reports from every place, and your department heads spend days in the plot of 1984’s Irreconcilable Differences.

When you do the math for all the benefits of switching to a cloud platform built for industrial use and then multiply it by the benefit of just how mobile it is and how it can quickly help all of your systems play nicely together, it adds up to a strong return. It also equals a much smoother running operation, with more efficient processes and happier department heads.

Access cloud data from a smartphone

Think about how well your smartphone, smart thermostat, or home security system works so well together. Then, think about your systems at work, and do you wonder why they can’t be more seamless like your systems at home? If so, you should seriously look into the Zedi Cloud SCADA platform.

Your work systems and data analytics should run just as effortlessly as what you use at home (or even more)!

None of those devices are directly joined to each other, as they would be if they were a SCADA system. Instead, they’re all on the Cloud, through WIFI or your home hub. The Cloud acts as a proxy, allowing you to operate those systems from anywhere, as long as your phone can get on that same Cloud.

Traditional SCADA systems are not that versatile, as you may have noticed. A computer polls devices directly, through dedicated connections, using proprietary protocols, often without sufficient security from hacking.

IIoT security turns this system on its ear. Instead of isolating everything with unique systems, Cloud-connected devices publish data only when their state changes, eliminating the flood of needless, “all is well” data points. This approach makes actual issues more accessible and faster to see, diagnose and remedy.

One of a Cloud system’s most significant advantages is its right-from-the-box usability. Using established protocols and open standards, it’s ready and easy to use, with security and extreme efficiency. We even have a mobile app, Zedi Go, to keep your field and office personnel on the same page with all the latest data.

Scalability is another benefit. As you expand your system, either through monitoring more points or M&A activity, the Cloud can always handle any data volumes you have. With the simplicity of IIoT architecture, we can deploy new sensors far more quickly and cheaply than ever before.

SaaS benefits

Through this cloud-based platform, we also offer the benefits of Software as a Service—or what some call SaaS. We are accountable for keeping your system running 24/7/365, so you don’t have to have team members on call for that. We also send updates on this cloud-based software as needed, so they’re ready for you as your workflow continues smoothly.

The Emerson team continually advances the software, which comes to your authorized users seamlessly without even a re-boot. We also love to hear your feedback and ideas on what we can develop to make our platform even better.

All this connectivity and simplicity frees you to be yourself—an E&P company—and not an E&P with a large IT department tasked with keeping abreast of all the hardware, software, and malware changes required to maintain workflow and efficiency.

Let us show you how we can boost your efficiency and bottom line through Digital Transformation. The Emerson team can walk through the math with you so you can see all the benefits and return while we make sure your operations run even smoother than your digital home.

Visit the Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions section on Emerson.com for more on this solution to help you better manage your operations and drive greater productivity.

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