Advancing Mining 4.0 Operations

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Digital Transformation, Metals, Mining, Minerals | 0 comments

Given the global push toward electrification, mining operations play an ever-larger role in this push. Meeting the supply challenges requires greater efficiency and reliability.

Extract More from Mining Operations Interactive GuideA new interactive guide, Extract More from Your Mining Operations, describes strategies miners currently use to overcome the challenges of optimizing mining processes and production, improving safety, and caring for the environment and surrounding communities.

Mining 4.0, the digital transformation of mining operations, includes ways to streamline operations, reduce waste, and use predictive operational analytics to reduce unplanned downtime and extend the useful life of heavy machinery. The guide includes:

  • Insights into how industry peers are achieving results in their digital transformation journey with real-world, practical examples that you can implement now.
  • Success stories to help you discover opportunities to advance your sustainability objectives in areas of climate change, water stewardship, and tailings management.
  • Critical rotating machinery monitoring to ensure the availability of other vital mining assets to supply you with tips for enhancing reliability across your operations.

This digital transformation journey is based on:

…a practical approach, one that generates short-term wins with measurable gains, and can then be replicated for an enterprise-wide impact. While many digital transformation projects start with technology, truly successful programs start with clear business goals. Advanced digital ecosystems empower companies to build incrementally, with targeted solutions for overcoming known issues…

This practical approach includes:

  • Putting your data to work to inform more effective business decisions.
  • Empowering your workforce with the insights they need to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Multiplying your successes to scale specific problems solved across the site and the enterprise.

The guide highlights the example of improving heap leaching through better flow measurement to distribute raffinate uniformly over the entire ore bed. By automating this typical manual process of adjusting flow rates, one mining operation achieved a quality score, based on an ideal pressure target, of better than 87%. This quality score was far superior to the prior manual operations.

Download a copy of the interactive guide for more examples of ways to drive your Mining 4.0 digital transformation efforts for safer, more reliable, and more efficient operations. Also, visit the Mining, Minerals & Metals section on for technologies and solutions to help you advance sustainability, improve asset reliability, optimize production, and reduce operational risk.

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