Mining Strategies for Reducing GHG Emissions

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Energy & Emissions, Metals, Mining, Minerals

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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Extract More from Mining Operations Interactive GuideMiners face a variety of challenges when focusing on sustainability—from managing water and air resources to tailings management—but reducing emissions reduction and increasing fuel efficiency is top on the priority list.

To help miners overcome these issues, the Emerson mining team developed a 16-page eBook, entitled Extract More from Your Operations, featuring the article, Sustainability Step-by-Step. The first part of this article focuses on strategies for reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Because the mining industry uses large amounts of energy, often supplied from sources generating GHG emissions, optimizing energy use directly lowers carbon emissions. One solution for this situation is the advanced control Integrated quadratic control (IQC) method of closed-loop control, which is growing for ore processing applications.

IQC can be applied in many processes, but one of the strongest sustainability benefits occurs when it is used to improve the operation of SAG mills which often consume considerable amounts of energy.

The article also describes how you can improve pellet oven operation by taking steps to achieve the same heating output using less fuel. For example, by relying on an oxygen sensor, your operators can access the measurement information required to adjust the amount of fuel injected into the oven to regulate the air-fuel mixture, improve efficiency and safety.

Download a copy of the interactive guide to read the entire article and discover additional steps you can take to achieve your sustainability goals. Also, visit the Mining, Minerals & Metals section on for technologies and solutions to help you advance sustainability, improve asset reliability, optimize production, and reduce operational risk.

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