Reliable and Maintainable Intelligent Electric Actuators

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Electric valve actuators help solve fugitive emission challenges in industries where natural gas has powered the pneumatic actuators. While this is one case for their use, they also provide excellent controllability for challenging valve automation demands in the oil & gas, power, municipal, and process industries.

In this 3:35 YouTube video, Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator, Emerson Impact Partner, Puffer-Sweiven‘s Erin Lipman, describes how this intelligent electric actuator provides reliable and maintainable operation even in the harshest environments. The XTE3000 is an intelligent multi-turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators.

Erin opens by highlighting this actuator’s ten years of proven success in the field. The XTE3000 is compliant with a wide range of global standards for safety and reliability. She explains some key capabilities—being non-intrusive, controllable from an intuitive local interface, supporting Bluetooth communications, and having optional silicone coverings for the buttons when installed in harsh environments.

The local operator display is viewable in lighting conditions from bright sunlight to dark. It also can be adjusted for any mounting position of the valve and actuator. The XTE3000 includes an electric heater to prevent damage to the electronic boards that extremely low temperatures and humidity can cause.

The actuator contains an absolute valve position encoder sensor accurate to within 0.1% of the true position that supplies position detection even when the main and backup power are lost. When power is restored, the actuator will have maintained its last position.

Erin shows the standard top-mounted hand wheel and the optional side-mounted ten-t0-one bevel gear for smoother manual operation from the lower load. An option that makes maintenance and installation easier is the detachable coupling that can be removed from the actuator and mounted to the valve independently. This coupling eliminates spinning the actuator onto the valve during installation.

Finally, she showed the open frame electric motor for easy access and field replacement. During motor servicing, no oil spillage will occur since the motor compartment is separate from the actuator oil bath.

These capabilities improve reliability, as well as operational and maintenance productivity. Visit the Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator page and Electric Actuators section on for more on these capabilities and applications to enhance the performance of your process.

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