Smart Electric Valve Actuators for Improved Performance

by , | May 26, 2022 | Valves, Actuators & Regulators

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

The 2022 Industrial Valve Summit took place this week in Bergamo, Italy. It is a leading international event for oil & gas valve technologies and flow control solutions. At this event, Emerson’s Knut Riegel shared in this video how smart electric valve actuators accelerate connectivity with plant information systems to support digital transformation initiatives. The electric actuators support electrification efforts and the elimination of fugitive emissions to support sustainability initiatives.

In this 5:35 YouTube video, Knut shows the Biffi ICON3000 electric actuator and describes how it supports advanced operation, control, setting, and maintenance. He explains how the actuator’s motor is easily accessible for maintenance. He demonstrates how to switch between the motor gear and handwheel manual valve operation.

This multi-turn electric actuator is designed to meet challenging valve automation demands in the Oil & Gas, Power, Municipal, and Process industries. The software working with these Biffi and Bettis actuators collects data from these electric actuators. It provides connectivity to plant-level asset management systems, helping interpret performance data, assess the health condition of devices, and optimize maintenance.

The local operator interface unit shows the valve position, even when power is not available to the actuator. The interface pushbuttons are robust and offer optional protective silicon covers to defend against a build-up of deteriorative particulate over time.

The ICON3000 is accessible via Bluetooth for easy wireless configuration, diagnostics, and control via a PC with Emerson’s DCMlink software. It supports real-time actuator monitoring and control, management of asset data, profiles, alarm and event logs, and connectivity beyond Bluetooth, including MODBUS, HART, and WirelessHART.

Watch the video and visit the ICON3000 Electric Actuators page for more on the key benefits, specifications, documents & drawings, and videos.

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