Ovation Controller, I/O and Software Update

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Control & Safety Systems


Rodger Hughes and Greg Silvaggio shared an update at the 2023 Ovation Users Group Conference on Ovation Controllers and I/O. Rodger opened the presentation by highlighting some key hardware features of the new controller designs.

The OCR3000 is a new model in the Ovation controller series. It moves the OCR family of controllers into the future. The controller base for communications can be copper or fiber. This controller is a functional replacement for the OCR1100 with improved orientation and vent designs in the base assembly for heat dissipation. The backplane has the same footprint & same connectors for powering, I/O bus, and status indicator as the OCR1100 to facilitate easier upgrades.

He next discussed the OMC100 controller, which supports field control and software configurable I/O. This controller includes:

  • Integrated controller & I/O
  • Small form factor
  • ZynQ ARM quad-core system on a chip
  • 32 user configurable I/O channels
  • Analog inputs (4-20mA, 0-10V, TCs, 3 wire RTDs
  • Analog outputs (4-20mA, 0-10V)
  • HART capable of eight channels
  • Digital inputs & outputs (24V)
  • All configured within Ovation Developers Studio
  • Flexible commissioning through software configuration
  • Isolation on four-channel basis
  • One branch of Ovation I/O
  • One serial port (RS232, RS485, CanBus)
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • CPS protocol suite
  • Storage device with MAC address integrated into the base
  • Native VPN support
  • Standalone capable.

The RSTi-EP – Compact Form Factor I/O supports all basic I/O types. Its design has:

  • Ultra small form factor I/O for tight spaces
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Removable electronics
  • Removable terminations blocks
  • Push-in type terminal blocks – Fast terminations
  • Higher density than conventional Ovation I/O but with a subset of the features
  • Integration of I/O into Ovation configuration tools as an additional option for native remote I/O.
  • Utilization with OMC100 for optimal I/O density and Ovation controller
  • Most demanding application I/O density
  • Ideal for existing cabinet back-fits with tight spaces
  • All configuration through standard Ovation Developers Studio.

Next, Rodger discussed new I/O Modules and base assemblies. These devices include a high-density eight-channel pulse accumulator, updated legacy remote I/O – MAU & RNC, servo driver w/ 4-20mA output drive, compact PT & CT modules – digital excitation controller module, and high-density marshalling base assembly.

Greg discussed controller software highlights. For the OCR3000 and OMC100 controllers, key new software features include a standalone controller software toolkit, Ovation Droplets, and virtual private networking support.

The software toolkit with programming tools is independent of the Ovation system and can use a PC or Laptop running Windows 10 or later. The PC does not need to be part of a domain. The configuration is stored in a SQL Server Express database and supports simplex or redundant controllers.

This toolkit can be used with the OCC100, OCR3000, and OMC100 controllers, and the solution is an ideal replacement for PLCs. The design is similar in look and feel to the Ovation Developer Studio application.

Ovation Droplets are standalone controllers that can be “adopted” into an Ovation system. Once adopted, the system can access point info, signal diagrams, trends, graphics, and point reviews.

Greg closed by highlighting virtual private network support to connect remote controllers with the main plant in a highly secure way. The networks can be by wired or private, or non-internet-based cellular service.

Visit the Ovation control platform section on Emerson.com for more on this controller, I/O, and software capabilities and specifications.

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