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Getting answers to your product questions should be as simple as clicking a button to talk with an expert without ever needing to leave your office, wherever that office might be. However, nobody wants to get stuck in those pesky phone trees where you’re endlessly entering numbers and pressing option 1 or 2 in the hope of getting matched up with a live person who actually has the answer you’re looking for.

Digital Shift

The changes the world has undergone in the past few years have shifted much of our lives online. We interact using digital platforms more often than we meet people in person. The same goes for B2B communications and sales.

Research indicates that only about 20% of B2B buyers say they hope to return to in-person sales, while 80% enjoy the speed and convenience of being able to engage digitally. That includes people working at businesses that normally are heavily reliant on in-person and on-site sales rep visits.

Within the digital changeover, video and online chat have emerged as the predominant channels that buyers use to gather information, assess, and connect with a company.

Using the options featured in our chatbot makes it simpler to get the information you need or schedule time with an expert.

Convenience Is Key

At Emerson, we’ve found that not every online chat is built the same or always meets customer needs. We looked closely at what our customers truly wanted. Our customers were asking specific questions, from wanting to talk to an expert, checking order status, getting help with an existing product, or simply needing to find a document.

These are the capabilities we built into our online chat, with the aim of saving you time.

When you go to our website you will find the chat option popup on the bottom of the screen where the chatbot popup lives or in one of our Talk to an Expert buttons.

Set Your Facility Up for Success

By clicking on the chat option and selecting “Connect with an Expert”, you will:

  • Be asked a few questions, such as what products you’re interested in
  • By engaging in the conversation to refine what you’re looking for, an option to schedule a meeting time or live chat with one of our experts appears
  • For meetings, the calendar will show within the conversation window, and you can choose a day/time that works for you
  • You are then sent a follow-up email with a confirmation of the meeting time

Using the options featured in our chatbot makes it simpler to get the information you need and talk to someone who can answer your questions at a time that’s convenient for you. Much of the preliminary information gathering is already out of the way, so the conversation can focus on your product needs.

Our experts can walk you through options, explain how a certain product fits in with your existing process and can recommend complete solutions or upgrades for you to consider.

Make it easier on yourself, when you have questions, click the “Connect to an Expert” option in our online chat, and talk with us at a time convenient for you. We’re here to help you!

Allow our experts to help you find what you need at:

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