Innovations for Sustainability and Decarbonization

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Much work has been done to drive innovation to improve energy usage, emissions, waste, and rework. The Emerson European team has published an Innovations in Automation magazine edition. This edition features technologies, software, and services that support process and manufacturing organizations worldwide in their decarbonization and environmental sustainability efforts.

The six articles featured include:

  • Plastics recycling plants are ‘born digital’ with Julian Annison
  • Advanced control solutions are key to optimising wind farm performance with Thomas Andersen
  • Ensuring quality within lithium-ion battery component manufacturing with Sergey Mishin
  • Overcoming carbon capture challenges helps meet net-zero commitments with Loic Charbonneau
  • Accelerating the transition to biofuels production with Julie Valentine
  • Fast, safe and reliable hydrogen fuel dispensing with Brandon Bromberek

Emerson European president John Nita highlights the changing landscape for manufacturers and producers:

The rapid expansion of hydrogen fuel cell technology is playing an important role in making road transport more sustainable, and we describe how Emerson’s advanced automation solutions are supporting safe and reliable hydrogen fuel dispensing operations. Continuing the transport theme, we look at how the growth of lithium-ion battery technology has been central to the development of electric vehicles and explain how Emerson products and services improve quality and safety in battery component manufacturing.

Heavy industry is increasing its investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as a means of reducing CO2 emissions, and we examine some of the many Emerson technologies that support the safe and reliable operation of the latest CCUS projects. Power generation from wind turbines also continues to grow, and we reveal how retrofitting with modern control technologies and software enables wind farm operators to unlock vital production and maintenance data, enhance the performance of their turbines and extend their lifespan.

Stringent GHG emissions reduction targets have prompted many refiners to invest in processing bio-based feedstocks to produce clean fuels. We describe how Emerson’s intelligent field devices and advanced control technologies help them accelerate the transition to biofuels production. Finally, we look at how new plastics recycling plants are embracing the concept of being ‘born digital’ – implementing advanced automation technologies during the construction phase to help achieve long-term operational excellence.

This edition is available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Download your copy today.

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