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Undoubtedly, you already have some very talented people working in your organization. They’ve been working hard to help increase production and profits in your operation, and now it’s time to help them. Added stress from fewer skilled workers in the workforce can escalate to burnout, safety risks, and lost production, which can all quickly add up to lost time, lost profits, and serious risk factors to people everywhere.

Upskill your people (help people increase their skills) and optimize their performance with a few easy-to-implement ideas that can take your operations to the next level of performance in a very short amount of time – all while increasing your people’s abilities and confidence and produce positive short and long term outcomes.

Most employees everywhere generally want to give you their best – make a difference in your organization and feel great about doing their part in the world to make it healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable. It’s just human nature to want to be part of something that will do good things and help others while supporting their families and communities and living their best lives.

While ‘optimize your people’ may sound a bit cold or harsh, the reality is that in the workplace market today, it’s essential to give them all the mechanisms to take advantage of and enable them to be their best, produce their best and feel their best or you’re not going to keep those amazing people for long. They will find greener grass elsewhere (or hope to), and you’ll be left scrambling around trying to find someone else you can start all over again with, and no one has time for that.

Have the right tools 

Any small job around the house can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t have the right tools available – try hand washing all your clothes for a week. Then suddenly, you have a new level of appreciation for the clothes washer in the laundry room, which has been overworked through the years. Getting the right data from any location to the right people at the right time can present everyone on your staff with actionable analytics.

Then you have people making faster, smarter decisions all around you! All it takes is the right ‘tools’ – like implementing the right software that’s easy to use and presenting your people with clarity in what the data tells them.

Ask your people if they have fast access to data that’s impactful.

Easily accessible training

We’ve all heard that saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ – and as much as it sounds like just a poor excuse, it’s a reminder to make sure all of your people have the proper training available to them that makes them better at their role. Nothing implements more self-confidence and robust business outcomes than people who know what they know!

Emerson’s DeltaV™ SaaS SCADA offers several ways for your people to get as much training as they would like, including a wide array of complete eLearning courses and workshops right within the platform itself, as well as loads of easy-to-find videos with quick tips and tricks and of course traditional group classes to be sure all of your people have the right level of training on how to utilize our software fully.


Training is part of our straightforward pricing plan, and there is never an added cost to speaking with our 24/7 support team, which can help with any additional questions that may come up.

Supercharge your people with a wide array of our courses, workshops, and support.

Disable imposter syndrome

When someone experiences self-doubt surrounding their intelligence, abilities, and accomplishments—even when they have demonstrated good work and accomplishments- this is called ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ And sadly, this is a genuine problem in many organizations. It can stem from several previous experiences and can quickly have a negative impact on your business.

Set clear expectations and give honest feedback (the good, the great, the bad, and even the ugly)!


It’s easy to assume, but we all know where that gets us. So, don’t let your people believe anything, either. Communicating with them regularly helps deliver the information they need to know about your organization’s health, targets, and goals. It’s essential to over-communicate so that your employees can identify gaps they can help with, focus on the proper outcomes, and discover more efficient ways of doing something that matters to safety, production, or profit margins.

Every long-lasting relationship is based on great communication skills – successful, long-lasting employees are no different when it comes to the leadership being upfront and honest; tell it like it is and let your people help you improve the problematic pieces.

You’ve hired the best; now keep them in the ‘know’ so they can help.

Celebrate the great

Here’s a pretty easy one to make a giant impact -don’t forget people are well, people, and every person I know loves to be recognized when they go above and beyond the call of duty. People not only want to feel like they are making an impact on your organization, but it’s nice to recognize people when they do something that they didn’t ‘have’ to but did anyway that made a substantial impact on your safety, your production, your profits or your long-term sustainability as an organization.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing; simply saying thank you can mean a lot to someone who has gone the extra mile. Send them a friendly email or a small gift card to say thanks – it doesn’t have to be huge, but it’s more important than you may realize to that person that you even noticed.

Recognize and encourage what people do to make a difference.

You may have strong profit margins for now or an impressive safety record this year, but without your people being optimized, you don’t have much for the long haul. Let us help you figure out where the gaps are for your people, and we can help you optimize them so everyone is making a positive impact on your short and long-term goals through actionable data.

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