Understanding the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

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Over the years, I’ve commonly seen organizations view cybersecurity in a siloed way. While everyone recognizes that cybersecurity is necessary, of course, it’s not typically considered core to the organization’s overall strategy and operations. I suggest a different perspective.

For instance, let’s compare cybersecurity to a team sport. A sports team typically has offensive and defensive strategies. The team follows a well-thought-out playbook, yet is willing to adapt as needed based on how successful the opponent is at countering its moves. And, despite preparation and a strong work ethic, the team will have setbacks and even suffer losses from time to time. Which brings me back to my cybersecurity analogy. Cybersecurity can be thought of as a game that never really ends … it just evolves. So, how do organizations learn and grow stronger from both their cyber “wins” and “losses?”

Earlier this month, I offered my thoughts on the evolving cybersecurity landscape while participating in in a panel discussion as part of Cyburgh 2024. This event, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council, brought together experts from a variety of organizations ranging from businesses and industry to academic institutions and the public sector, to discuss the business and strategic side of #cybersecurity, and how to mitigate risk.

Here is a summary of the observations I shared:

  • Be nimble: Cybersecurity is constantly changing, with new threats daily. As a solutions provider, we must understand the evolving challenges and then address them through smarter implementation and coordination with developers. In doing so, we’ll be able to continue to provide solutions that can be replaced, updated or modified with minimum impact to the process and/or the end user.
  • More than Secure by design critical : We all agreed that secure by design is critical, but it’s not enough. To remain secure, you also need proper implementation, configuration and maintenance, including following best practice and cyber hygiene. And this vigilance never ends.
  • Consider the Cloud: One trend we see is that technologies are either moving into the cloud or providing cloud-based enhancements. However, there are certain segments of critical infrastructure that are not yet prepared for this. I believe it’s essential that we educate this sector about the value, benefits and enhanced security features that are available by utilizing technology that leverages the cloud securely.

The event began with a presentation about the “Three Cs” related to being a trusted cybersecurity solutions provider, regardless of the industries you serve. Here is my interpretation:

  1. Context: Lead with a mature security program that is constantly evolving with new tools.
  2. Communicate: Go beyond simply relaying information: Explain the functions/benefits of products, solutions, and services. The ROI of cybersecurity can be hard to define, but its like an insurance policy … it’s an investment in protection.
  3. Connect: Knowledge sharing is important on a number of levels. This collaboration creates partnerships across industries as customers and vendors discuss best practices, communicate solutions and create consistent standards. Ultimately, this translates into intelligence that can enhance the performance and security of the next generation of products and services.

If you’d like to learn more about how Emerson is helping to secure critical infrastructure, visit our Cybersecurity landing page, where you’ll find information about how we work with customers in the #power and #water industries, providing best-in-class solutions and services that drive operational improvement while helping to secure assets..


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