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Exchange Presentations Will Highlight How Emerson Supports Sustainability and Decarbonization Efforts

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Event

John Nita

John Nita

President, European Region for Emerson

Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024 will feature a broad range of informative presentations for delegates, on subjects relevant to their specific industry challenges.

Among the many highlights for delegates attending the upcoming Emerson Exchange Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 2024 will be the chance to attend informative presentations that provide a deep dive into the topics, technologies and applications that are most relevant to their specific industry challenges. Encompassing six overarching categories – sustainability & decarbonization, cybersecurity, maintenance & reliability, projects, digital or business transformation, and operational & safety excellence – these talks will be presented either by Emerson’s own subject matter experts or representatives from some of our leading customers from across the process and manufacturing industries.

To provide a flavor of the broad range of presentations on offer to Exchange visitors, let us take a look at two examples from the Sustainability & Decarbonization category.

Emerson technologies, software and services are supporting many organizations around the world in their decarbonization and environmental sustainability efforts. Among these is chemical giant BASF, which is committed to achieving a 25% global emissions reduction by 2030. Miguel Angel Alvarez, reliability engineer with BASF Mexicana, will be giving a presentation to Exchange delegates, titled “BASF reduces CO2 emissions at Altamira plant in Mexico by monitoring steam traps”.

Miguel will explain that steam trap inspections at the plant were previously performed visually and sporadically, which meant their impact on energy consumption and emissions was unknown. Visual inspections are an ineffective way of detecting open-failed traps, and there is no way of identifying condensate accumulation within the lines when traps fail to close. This situation posed a risk to both the energy efficiency and integrity of the pipeline system.

BASF has addressed the situation by implementing an online, real-time steam trap monitoring solution from Emerson. Utilizing Rosemount™ 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitters, it is possible to detect trap failures and gather real-time data on trap conditions and temperature, thereby enabling prompt action to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Miguel’s presentation will reveal the significant benefits that this solution has achieved.

Our second example is titled “Best Practices for Isolation Valve Selection in Hydrogen Service”.

Emerson is supporting decarbonization goals by developing solutions across the rapidly evolving hydrogen value chain. In his presentation, Andrea Sutti, global product and marketing manager at Emerson, will explain that as the transition to a hydrogen future accelerates, and hydrogen applications continue to expand, valve technology selection has become critical to help ensure safe, sustainable and profitable operations.

The development of hydrogen infrastructure is moving quickly as requirements extend beyond traditional uses into newer applications such as hydrogen production, storage and liquefaction. These applications can be characterized by extremes in pressure and temperature, as well as the containment and embrittlement challenges posed by hydrogen’s small molecule size. Also, as hydrogen is extremely combustible, it must be handled very carefully to avoid both internal and external leakage.

All of these factors must be considered when selecting isolation valve technology, and Andrea’s presentation will describe how Emerson’s proven Vanessa Triple Offset Valve solves the specific challenges of hydrogen service, making it the most reliable triple offset valve for use in these safety-critical applications.

Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024 takes place at the Congress Center Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 27-29. To learn more about the conference, please see our previous blog, or visit EmersonExchange.org/EMEA.

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