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What’s so Great About Edge?

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Industrial IoT, Industrial Software

Amy Thibault

Amy Thibault

Director Marketing, Brand & Communications, Zedi SaaS SCADA

Every market these days is hot with pressure. We hear the same thing from every direction – Successful production needs technology that can provide speed and stronger efficiencies that deliver ongoing return – this is a must-have and no longer just a ‘nicety.’ These same demands are only growing every day for most industries to continue producing positive outcomes and hitting their always-increasing targets and goals.

It’s no wonder; with a lack of skilled labor, higher costs of everything, and constant pressures from every angle that are taking on a new level of intensity – it’s more important now than ever before that you get it right from the start; and quickly. That said, we also hear it can be a daunting task and super confusing to figure out what technology and operational changes will actually provide results today and tomorrow with growing returns for sustainability and continued production gains.

It can all quickly escalate into the most advanced game of chess you’ve ever played.

Deciding on the right moves in this current new crazy game of chess can be overwhelming and actually end up slowing you down even more if you make the wrong move – ‘The Queen always protects the King’ has never been so true – not only in chess but in life today.

One piece to this technology puzzle is the Edge – what does it really mean and why does it matter to your business? Use the Edge properly and this could very well be your ‘new’ Queen that will protect and serve you like no other. Some people may think that sounds a bit off, but I’m not saying it in a way that should cause havoc and a controversial family dinner discussion at all; I mean, make the technology you put in place work for YOU in every way possible that will serve your business or organization best in every regard.

Let’s break down how this ‘Queen’ on the Edge can protect and serve like no other.

What is the edge?

Edge computing enables of all of your devices in remotely located sites to process data at the edge of the network – meaning it can collect and process at those remotely located places you have operational assets so it will be the main ‘hub’ for all of your sensor and other device data to go into; once it’s there it stands as your central data center – but the great part is that only the most critical data (to you and your users) is then transmitted. This increases the speed of your data getting to the right people, at the right time.

So what does that really do?

Each of the devices that you have located in these remote areas can produce mounds and mounds of data; much of it may not be relevant to each end user, or anyone until you decide you want to look at historic trends and work from that angle to make other decisions. When you use edge it breaks down the congestion of all the data you don’t want right now that is slowing down the network that can only handle so much data at any one time. With edge it removes the high overhead of the IT costs associated with big data and enables your people with the ‘right’ data that is relevant to their role so they can be more focused on decisions that matter most.

How does it get you the right data?

With the help of edge-based polling we can easily poll data from your sensors and devices connected to an ‘Edge of Node’ and convert it into MQTT Sparkplug B protocol, regardless of the native communication protocol of the sensors and devices. All this without missing any data when your network may be down, and enabling you and your people access to deeper analytics, stronger optimization, with more troubleshooting, and increased compliance ease all while reducing bandwidth consumption.

The dashboards in Zedi Access are intentionally designed to be easy to read and gain actionable data from quickly. They can be adapted to exactly what each of your authorized end-users may need to have in front of them, including all types of reports with only the level of detail you want and need with just a click of a button on your computer, smart phone or tablet with Zedi Go, the mobile app. It’s easy and fast to set up so your people can get their eyes on the actionable analytics they really need, complete with alarms if things go wrong.

Does all software work with edge?

All software, SaaS, cloud and IIoT platforms are not created equal, and therefore not all systems will be able to provide you with the complete picture of your data; some only share output data on the cloud – and that may certainly have it’s place in the world for some things, but it’s not going to help you see the ‘full picture’ of your data, and what it all means in an actionable way that will make positive impacts on your business outcomes.

The Zedi SaaS platform is cloud-native; meaning it was built and developed in the cloud from day one so it’s easier to use, offers deeper, more meaningful analytics and is user friendly with always up to date updates and security features. We also provide you with 24/7 support with real humans and complete training for you and your staff to fully understand and utilize our SaaS and IIoT platform for fast improved outcomes and long-term sustainable decision making data from anywhere, anytime.

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