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Maximizing Combustion Efficiency

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Emerson’s Andrew Smith and Jesse Sumstad presented “Tune into Savings by Maximizing Your Combustion Efficiency” at the 2019 Emerson Exchange conference. Here is the abstract of their session: There are two major, competing theories to fired equipment control: maximizing fuel savings and efficiency or prioritizing consistent operation at a high level of excess oxygen and […]

Air Management and Emissions Control

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Emerson’s James Bare shared how effective process control and tuning improves combustion air management and improves overall emissions control at the 2019 Ovation Users’ Group conference. James opened describing different types of boilers and their operation in different regions. The focus of the presentation was on coal-fired boilers. Combustion of coal with air creates steam […]

Combustion Safety Valve Considerations

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Process manufacturers who required heating as part of the process may have several different types of industrial heating equipment. These may include boilers, dryers, furnaces, heaters, ovens, dehydrators and more. The use and upkeep of this equipment is governed by a variety of standards and regulations. In a Process Heating magazine article, Understanding Combustion Safety-Valve […]

Optimized Combustion Control without Fuel-Air Curves

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At the 2018 Emerson Exchange conference, Emerson’s Bob Sabin and Scott Pettigrew presented, Combustion Control Optimized with Patented Control Configuration. Bob opened describing the Emerson Industrial Energy Consulting group and how they work with manufacturers and producers in many industries about combustion control and optimization. Fuel air curves have been used for decades to control […]

Advancing Combustion Control Efficiency

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Controlling industrial combustion-based units such as boilers, heaters and furnace has historically relied on the use of fuel-to-air curves. These curves represent the amount of fuel and air required for a given load. In this 4:28 video, Patented Combustion Solution From Emerson Improves Performance, Emerson’s Bob Sabin describes how stoichiometric, math-based control approach from common […]