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Managing the DCS Asset Lifecycle

Posted in Downstream Hydrocarbons, Services, Consulting & Training on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015. One comment so far
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The AFPM [American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers] is: …a trade association representing high-tech American manufacturers of virtually the entire U.S. supply of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, other fuels and home heating oil, as well as the petrochemicals used as building blocks for thousands of vital products in daily life. At last month’s AFPM Q&A and […]

Problem Solving Community Style

Posted in Services, Consulting & Training on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015. No comments yet
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I’ve always seen the promise of participation in online communities and LinkedIn groups as a way for process automation and instrumentation folks to share knowledge, but leave it available for others with similar questions at a later time. While email is a problem-solving tool, it is limited to those in the distribution and not discoverable. […]

Optimizing Batch Process Automation Design in MES and DCS

Posted in Life Sciences & Medical, Operations & Business Management on Tuesday, October 27th, 2015. 2 comments so far
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For pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, the flow and capture of information is as important as the flow of the manufacturing process in readying products to release for sale. In a Pharmaceutical Technology magazine article, Connecting MES to Process Control, Emerson’s Jonathan Lustri is interviewed about advances in using the ISA-88 standard to coordinate manufacturing execution […]

Capturing and Transferring Plant Operator Expertise

Posted in Control & Safety Systems, Operator Performance on Friday, September 4th, 2015. No comments yet
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As businesses in the West grapple with the demographic challenge of losing experienced employees to retirement, companies are taking various approaches to capturing and transferring this expertise to their incoming personnel. Emerson’s Mark Nixon pointed me to a great Chemical Processing article, Plants Grapple with Graying Staff. Mark has led many of the advancements in […]

Controlling with Wireless Devices and MPC

Posted in Control & Safety Systems, Industrial IoT on Friday, August 7th, 2015. No comments yet
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Wireless standards for instrumentation go back to September 2007 when the HART Communications Foundation (now FieldComm Group) announced the official release of the HART 7 specification. This specification included the WirelessHART protocol. As we have chronicled in many posts in the Wireless category here on the blog, this technology has opened up many new opportunities […]