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Industry 4.0-Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

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In this quick 3:22 YouTube video, Industrial Automation Asia Interview with Mr Jonas Berge, Emerson, Jonas notes that many manufacturers do not want to extend their digital transformation or Industry 4.0 initiatives beyond the boundaries of their production facilities to reduce cybersecurity concerns.

Improving Machine Reliability and OEE with IIoT Analytics at the Device Level

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Author: Enrico De Carolis, Vice President of Global Technology, Fluid & Motion Control at Emerson It’s a startling fact: a typical packaging line’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is about 45-55 percent, meaning that only about half of its planned production time is truly productive. And packaging lines with lower OEE experience increased stops, excess scrappage […]

Future of Control Systems

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The pace of technological change is dizzying. Even in our world of automation where there’s a premium on proven, amazing changes have occurred over the past decade. In a Control Engineering Europe article, Looking into the future of control systems, Emerson’s Bob Halgren shares his thoughts on where process control systems are headed in this […]

Improving Chemical Industry Manufacturing Performance

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One look at the economic news and you see that trading relationships among countries are changing from longstanding norms. For manufacturers, this uncertainty requires flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. In a Process Engineering article, Connectivity can safeguard the chemicals sector, Emerson’s Patrick Deruytter shares ways that chemical producers and other manufacturers can better […]

ROI by Applying the Industrial Internet of Things

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industrie 4.0 depending on where you live remains a lively topic of discussion in our industry. A Control Engineering magazine series of articles, Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 brought together six articles from experts across the process and industrial automation industries. One of those experts, Emerson’s […]