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Simplifying and Improving Accuracy of Smart Instrumentation Data Management

Posted in Asset Optimization on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017. No comments yet
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One of the promises in taking a human-centered design (HCD) approach to product development is to simplify the user experience. Better yet, when done well, entire tasks can be eliminated. That translates into greater productivity to get things done more quickly. I mention this because Emerson’s Nicholas Meyer shared an innovation with me in smart […]

DCS Cybersecurity Tips and Updates

Posted in Cyber-Security on Friday, August 11th, 2017. No comments yet
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Most of the process manufacturing facilities across the world is considered critical infrastructure. From the energy we consume to the medicines we take, manufacturers work to deliver these products as safely, reliably and efficiently as they can. And with the threat of cyber-attacks growing more common, cybersecurity remains a growing concern and focus. Emerson’s Rick […]

Network Architecture Considerations in Ovation Control Systems

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Emerson’s Craig McDaniel provided an overview on the Ovation control system network architecture at the 2017 Ovation Users Group conference. He provided a basic overview of Ovation’s network architecture showing standard configurations, connectivity, redundancy, IP addressing schemes, port assignments, network hardware, and connections to third party equipment will be provided in this session. He also […]

Reducing Control System Hardware Footprint

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Emerson’s Ben Skal presented on reducing the Ovation distributed control system hardware footprint at the 2017 Ovation Users Group conference. Virtualization technology is at the heart of this hardware footprint reduction and having less workstation and server hardware to maintain. Ben’s presentation focused on: What is virtualization & how it works Appropriate uses of virtual […]

Take Charge of Partial Discharge to Protect Plant Assets

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Emerson’s Jonathan Murray discussed partial discharge solutions at the 2017 Ovation Users Group conference. Unplanned electrical asset failures can halt production and amount to millions of dollars of associated costs. The IEEE and NFPA organizations identify Partial Discharge (PD), a breakdown of the assets insulation, as a leading cause of failure. Manufacturers are looking for […]