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Patch Management as a Cybersecurity Layer of Defense

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Another part of cybersecurity is keeping systems and software patched and up to date. Emerson’s Ken Semph, a cybersecurity program manager presented on this topic at the 2019 Emerson Exchange conference. Patch management is but one element in a defense in depth cybersecurity strategy. A patch is a piece of code to fix or address […]

Secure Out of the Box Myth-Part 2

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In Secure Out of the Box Myth-Part 1 we highlighted some of the challenges and misconceptions around effective cybersecurity efforts. Part 1 explored the myths that a system can be made secure without ongoing actions by the end user in collaboration with their suppliers. Here in Part 2, we’ll highlight some ways that this collaboration […]

In a Post-Stuxnet World

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Last Friday, I saw a tweet from’s Nancy Bartels on an updated Industrial Defender whitepaper on the Stuxnet virus (registration required.) The whitepaper was very comprehensive and opens: …Stuxnet worm is described by Symantec’s reverse-engineering experts as the most sophisticated piece of malware they have ever seen. The worm contained four “zero day” vulnerabilities […]

Automatic Delivery of Hotfixes, Operating System and Antivirus Updates

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Emerson’s Buddy Ilao, a member of the SureService support team, offers up another screencast on the Guardian service. Today’s screencast provides an overview of a new Guardian Support Update Delivery capability. The new Guardian Support Update Delivery capability in Guardian addresses the tedious manual downloading of updates, including DeltaV hotfixes, Microsoft OS Security Updates and […]

With Security Comes Different Points of View

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Making automation systems secure remains a large concern for both process manufacturers and automation suppliers. I touched earlier this week on the work of the ISA99 standards effort to address this concern in a collaborative way. I came across a video in an Intech magazine post, Security top of mind. It features an interview between […]