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What is Operational Excellence?

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Author: Scott Turner A lot of businesses benchmark themselves against other companies in the same industry and against themselves over time using various metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s). One example of this is Solomon Associates Benchmarking which is widely used, especially in the refining and petrochemicals industry. This benchmarking process is often used to […]

Project Management KPIs-the Three Musketeers

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A blog post by Emerson’s Anand Iyer. The last couple of decades have seen integrated engineering across the globe. Some of this actually started with the Y2K and internet and cloud have been largely responsible for this mode of operation. A philosophical argument could be that we as humans have been collaborating over millenniums‚ĶAnyway, today […]

Meeting a Fast Track Project Schedule with Containerized DCS and OTS for an Rumaila Iraq Project

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Emerson’s Madhav Kasture shared a case study on how the project team managed and executed a fast track automation project. His abstract: Fast track project schedule for BP Rumaila Iraq was PO to delivery in 16 weeks for 2 DCS systems and blast proof HVAC containers with UPS. Solution included modular design of pre-fabricated buildings […]

Making Emerson’s iCenter Part of Your Project Team

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Emerson’s Mike Knittel shared how cabinets and field enclosures design and build for DeltaV and Ovation systems have been integrated at centers across the globe. His abstract: Emerson’s integration centers across the world have been reorganized as a single network of regionally focused cabinet solution providers known as the iCenter. Through the iCenter locations, Emerson […]

Super Server for Large Mining Automation Project

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I’ve been in the process automation business for a long time and met many really great folks. One of them, Fluor Canada‘s Steve Priest, I got to know long ago from his days with Emerson local business partner, Norpac Controls. Steve is now with Fluor Canada and was working with Paul Yanchus with Emerson local […]