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Automation Podcasts Emerging

Last Friday, I mentioned how RSS is speeding up the process of finding information. Podcasts are the way to receive this information in an audio format, typically via MP3 file or AAC file popularized by the iTunes Music Store.

Unlike reading text, I find it impossible to listen to a podcast on my PC, since it is such a visual medium. Podcasts are perfect for listening on my MP3 player while exercising, playing on the car stereo, or performing mindless chores. Since I’m a bit of technology geek, I enjoy listening to the Gillmor Gang and This Week in Technology.

Even in our conservative space of process automation, podcasts have emerged. You might want to check out:

And I even came across a podcast interview with BMS on the On Pharma blog.

Now your company may not go as far as manufacturer, National Semiconductor, who gave each of their 8,500 employees 30 GB iPods, but you may want to take matters into your own hands, grab your personal iPod or MP3 player, give these pioneers a listen and see if this form of communication is useful to you.

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  1. And not just give a listen, but create your own podcast and blog. The industrial automation community can grow by leaps and bounds with people getting involved online in blogging and podcasting. OK, so you don’t have to be a marketing guru, and you don’t have to get all fancy with a podcast to have a voice. But you do need to share in the conversation…

  2. Nick, I agree completely. I think the first step is participation. However you come across a blog post that interests you in some way, participate by adding your point of view.
    A great book that influenced my thinking on putting your wisdom out there is The Virtual Handshake. It describes many ways including blogs to share what you know.

  3. I’m going to have to get that book. I recommend that marketing folk surf all kinds of blogs, from art, literature, marketing, media, and more… from popular to the not-so-popular…
    Blog of the day: Adverblog!

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