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Happy Anniversary Emerson Process Experts!

It was one year ago today that we launched the Emerson Process Experts blog. This welcome message began the journey into the blogosphere for us here at Emerson. From rereading the initial post, I think we managed to stay pretty true to the mission:

…to use a blog to create a shorter path between process manufacturing professionals seeking solutions and the experts around Emerson Process Management who have valuable industry, application, and technology expertise.

As I did in the welcome message, I continue to thank Deb, Ed, Maryann, and Lisa for their help and innovations along the way with this blog.

Surprises after a year? The biggest by far is the sheer number of folks I’ve met along the way, from fellow automation and process industry bloggers to even some of the A-list bloggers as defined by the Technorati Top 100 (I’ve got a ways to go at 25,600!) A week does not go by where I don’t get an email, phone call, or Skype message from someone around the globe from plant managers to engineers and plant operators, looking around and happening upon one of the posts.

It’s really the best part–hooking folks up with folks here at Emerson who can help them. And even as long as I’ve been here at Emerson, meeting all the folks featured in these posts has been great.

The worst part? Starting a week with no prospects or leads for blog posts and trying to scratch and claw to find something to post. I now have a much greater appreciation for my friends in the publishing business!

Thanks for this brief indulgence, and now on to year two!

Posted Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 under Miscellaneous.


  1. Congratulations, Jim. I really appreciate your work. I didn’t even realize (until reading your post made me look) that PROFIblog is coming up on its one-year anniversary next month, too.
    You are right on about the folks you meet here – virtually meet, that is. I have really come to appreciate them. I appreciate your comments on finding relevant material to post! Sometimes it’s a big challenge. At the moment I have material waiting for time, but that’s unusual.
    Your success will prompt others to consider jumping in to blogging. I stumbled on this advice for those folks: http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/67/Ten-Things-to-Consider-Before-You-Blog/ .

  2. Carl, Thanks for your comment and the link. I just followed it and they make some great points.
    I just heard from someone the other day that their company is thinking about a blog. I’ll have to pass your link along.
    Take it easy, Jim

  3. “I try to keep it to where a conversation, issue or idea intersects with what an expert here can add and less so what I can add.” Wow, we approach blogging in the same manner! Watch for an upcoming interview on the ProSoft blog with an expert about our PC56 products… in-rack computers…
    Congrats again on your bloggerversary!

  4. In a way, blogging is shooting from the hip. Sure, there’s the strategy and promotions to think about. But we want to be interesting, newsy and we sometimes have to be fast, timely and adaptive to the changing content of online happenings.
    So don’t worry when you feel you don’t have content. There’s always something two clicks away.
    Thanks for all your support from the ProSoft Blog and from Paperback Writer.
    Final note: Although sometimes we bloggers politely disagree, overall it’s about helping promote each other.

  5. Congratulations Jim! I’d like to work on another case study with you sometime for SNCR.org. I am still very impressed with your interview for the success study.

  6. Nick, Thanks for your comment. I agree fully on helping each other where we can, but I think on the first point, that we need to stay within the mission of the blog. Perhaps not 100% but fairly close.
    I’ve been using the Share function of Google Reader to share things I find that interest me. This is a widget in the right side of each page (way down at the bottom.)
    For the blog posts themselves I try to keep it to where a conversation, issue or idea intersects with what an expert here can add and less so what I can add (unless it’s RSS of course!) 🙂
    Today’s level measurement post is an example of joining in the discussion of the difficulties in level measurement issue brought up in a Control magazine article.

  7. John, Thanks for the comment and compliment! I’d enjoy sharing thoughts and experiences with you. Let me know when and how I can help.

  8. Hi Jim, should be something latter this year with sncr.org. I will be in touch.

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