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This will likely be a light posting week with travel and meetings. I’ll highlight some of the recent posts on some of the other Emerson Process Management blogs.

Over at the Modeling and Control (RSS) blog, Terry Blevins has a post on ratio control. Terry opens:

For many processes, such as blending and boiler combustion, a key objective is to maintain the flow rates of two process streams in some proportion to one another. In such cases, ratio control may be applied. When ratio control is applied, one process input, the dependent input, is proportioned to the other process input, known as the independent input. The independent input may be a process measurement or its setpoint. The proportion that is to be maintained between the inputs is known as the ratio.

On the Analytic Expert (RSS) blog, Carolyn Snyder posts on field-packaged gas chromatographs. She was surprised to hear many suppliers still strongly advocating the use of conventional analyzers and the expense of the modular concept, where the entire module is replaced rather than repaired in the field, which can be very costly. Carolyn notes:

…none of these issues apply to the field-mounted gas chromatographs manufactured by Emerson (sold as Rosemount Analytical into the process industry and Daniel Danalyzer into the natural gas industry).

Over in the Micro Motion Community, Major Chu just began some blog entries. He shares some of his experiences since joining the Micro Motion team in China in 1993.

The DeltaV News (RSS) blog highlights some recent whitepapers including a system modernization case study, management of alarm systems, and the alarm rationalization process.

Finally, one of the Emerson blogs I follow outside our Process group is Jack Pouchet’s Efficient Data (RSS) blog. His latest post introduces the idea of material recycling ratio (MRR).

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