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Multi-Fuel Boiler Control and Optimization Webinar

Update: Here’s the link to the recorded webinar.

Emerson webinar on energy managementControlling fuel costs by shifting fuel sources remains a focus for process manufacturers around the globe. Emerson’s Bob Sabin, Nick Taylor and Steve Offer will be holding an online webinar, Enabling Energy Management: Multi-Fuel Boiler Control and Optimisation tomorrow on Tuesday November 27 on January 16th at 15:00 CET / 9am EST. They will discuss ways to optimize boiler performance while burning alternative fuels and waste fuels available to many plants.

Here’s the abstract for this webinar:

Multi-fuel boilers burning alternative fuels and waste fuels are a challenge. The need for significant fossil fuel (natural gas, etc.) to stabilize combustion and maintain header pressure means you may not be realizing the fuel savings and CO2 credits you planned for. So what can you do? Join the webinar and learn how you can improve the performance and reliability of your multi-fuel boiler, while at the same time reducing your fuel bill and CO2 emissions.

The presentation highlights the range of powerhouse solutions increasing from boiler and unit safety, to boiler and unit control, to unit economic dispatch, and up through equipment health monitoring.

The webinar will address key issues including energy optimization, performance monitoring, reporting and analysis, sustainability, and identifying and executing self-funding projects.

Register today, and bring your issues and question for Bob, Nick, and Steve to address ways to improve the energy usage at your plant or mill.


  1. Angela@boiler repairs says:

    It is very important to controlling the cost of boiler . The fuel cost are increasing day by day that’s why total bearing cost of boiler also increasing.If we use multi fuel boiler I think most of the are reduce.We should be try this.

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