How to Install Batch Analytics on Earlier DeltaV Software Versions

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As we get closer to the Emerson Exchange conference September 30-October 4 in Grapevine (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area), I wanted to highlight some of the presentations which have been accepted by the board members.

Emerson's David RehbeinEmerson’s David Rehbein, a Senior Industry Consultant in the Life Sciences industry group will be presenting How to install Batch Analytics on a non-V12 DeltaV system. You may recall Dave from several batch analytics and operations management-related posts.

His abstract:

Emerson’s Batch Analytics application was released with Version 12 of DeltaV. However most customers will not be upgrading to V12 for a while. This presentation will cover the steps required to install Batch Analytics on a non-DeltaV workstation and connect to a DeltaV batch system.

With online Batch Analytics, a multi-variate analysis of your process is performed based on models generated from a compilation of historical batches. Faults in the batch process are detected in real time giving operators and the operations team the ability to take corrective action before negative impacts on product quality occur. The models may also be used to provide operators with a continuous prediction of end-of-batch quality parameters.

DeltaV Batch Analytics ViewerIn his presentation, he’ll highlight that the Batch Analytics application can be used with DeltaV distributed control systems (DCSs) back to version 9 by installing the application on a non-DeltaV workstation. Connections need to be made to the DeltaV Batch Executive, Batch Historian, and OPC server as well as the plant data historian (Continuous Historian or PI). He’ll share the steps to install the Batch Analytics software as well as make the required connections.

One of the great things about user conferences such as the Emerson Exchange is the practical sharing of ways to accomplish things. There’s nothing like step-by-step knowledge exchange. If you’re a DeltaV Batch user, Dave’s presentation (it will be presented two times) will be the place to be.

Beyond conferences, online communities are where this knowledge exchange happens. The DeltaV track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community is a great example!

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