Offshore Oil and Gas Essential Asset Monitoring Webcast

The offshore atmosphere can be particularly corrosive to oil & gas production assets. This Thursday, April 11 at 11:00 & 14:30 CEST (5am & 8:30am EDT), the Emerson European team will conduct a webinar, Essential Asset Monitoring—Increasing offshore production revenues through wireless technology:

Industry averages suggest that roughly 5% of production capacity is lost each year due to unplanned downtime. Perhaps more than any other cause, equipment failures are the most common culprit. When you combine this with fewer resources (money and people) keeping your machines running can be a very challenging task. So what can you do? Join the Webinar and learn how YOU can keep your assets running and improve uptime!

Emerson’s Cranford Johnstone, Mark Snedden, Michael Sanchez, and Nick Taylor will address maintenance challenges and will explain how operators can streamline practices offshore while increasing reliability on critical and essential equipment such as pumps and compressors.

They will discuss how smart instrumentation that employs wireless HART, the industrial standard, can play a major role in maintaining asset integrity and prevent production shutdowns, which can cost an operator tens of millions of pounds per day in lost revenue. Please join our interactive webinar to learn more.

We’ve discussed essential asset monitoring in many different contexts here on the blog, but not specifically for offshore oil & gas producers and the unique challenges that they face. I hope you’re able to join one of the two sessions and bring your toughest questions for the Emerson team. Here’s the registration link for the two webinar sessions.

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