Multi-Fuel Boiler Energy Savings at Chemical Manufacturer

A selfie with Emerson's Scott Pettigrew and Jim Cahill

A selfie with Emerson’s Scott Pettigrew and Jim Cahill

I’m in meetings with our global consultants this week, many whom I feature regularly on this blog. I was sitting next to Scott Pettigrew whom you may recall from earlier boiler optimization-related posts.

Scott shared a story with me where he worked with a chemical manufacturer on a multi-fuel boiler project. He said it was the largest industrial boiler he worked on in his nearly thirty year career in process automation.

The boiler operated on three types of fuel—natural gas, fuel oil, and waste-spec fuels. The more the boiler could operate on the third fuel type, the greater the cost savings would be for the chemical manufacturer.

In an earlier post, Energy Demand-Based Boiler and Fired Heater Control, we highlighted how BTU-based control strategies could address the differences in energy in the different fuel types.

Scott noted that applying these optimized control could save a plant on the order of a million dollars (US) in energy costs.

After going back about a year after the boiler commissioning of the SmartProcess Boiler solution to quantify the value, the data indicated a savings far greater for this chemical manufacturer.

Sounds like a great project and way to capture on going savings in an energy-intensive manufacturing process! You can connect and interact with other boiler and energy management professionals in the Industrial Energy track of the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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