Measurement and Final Control Technology Announcements from OTC

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The news was flowing fast and furiously from the recent Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. I wanted to highlight some of the news from Emerson in case you missed it.

To help protect subsea well and pipeline integrity and support metering/allocation strategies, the Roxar subsea Wetgas Meter allows:

…the earliest possible detection of water from gas wells… The meter detects changes in water content of the flowing well at as little as 0.2 ppm (parts per million) – sensitivity that has never been reached before and that represents less than a droplet of water finely distributed in a volume equal to that of four car fuel tanks.

Emerson's Svein Erik Gregersen

Emerson’s Svein Erik Gregerson explained that more and more operators are making wet gas metering an integral part of their future flow assurance, production optimization and hydrocarbon allocation strategies.

The meter provides real-time, accurate hydrocarbon measurement for operators’ fiscal allocation obligations and accurate salinity and formation water measurement.

The Fisher 8590 butterfly valve was also announced. It brings a selection of disk seals, actuator designs and material combinations to meeting plant-wide throttling and on-off requirements.

Emerson’s Ben Fletcher described some applications for this valve:

…several dynamic disk seals are available in the 8590 design to meet temperature conditions that range from low-to-moderate up to 538°C (1000° F). Severe service and cryogenic applications can be met as well with the appropriate metal-polymeric or rugged stainless steel seal construction… Since one valve design meets several needs, overall valve engineering, purchasing, installation, operation and maintenance costs become less.

New Coriolis flowmeters for high-pressure offshore chemical injection applications were introduced. The Micro Motion F100P and HPC010P measure accurate flow rates for wellbore chemicals injected at high pressure conditions.

Emerson’s Michelle Marceny explained that the meters:

…are breaking boundaries for Coriolis meters in high pressure applications where positive displacement meters are today’s legacy practice. Coriolis meters deliver new value to our customers through more accurate measurement and reduced maintenance over traditional PD technology… Coupled with Smart Meter Verification (on-line verification of meter performance), these meters provide safe, reliable and highly repeatable performance with reduced maintenance in the toughest applications.

A Rosemount 3051S high static differential pressure transmitter was introduced to provide critical process measurements in applications requiring high static pressure capability of up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar).

Emerson’s Scott Nelson described its purpose:

…to support the higher pressure applications our customers are requesting. For example, emerging oil and gas recovery techniques used in deep-sea offshore and enhanced oil recovery operations are pushing to ever higher pressures… Oil and gas exploration companies working in increasingly challenging operating environments require advanced technologies that provide better process insight and help them comply with industry regulations and safety standards for high pressure applications.

You can connect with the various experts in oil & gas, measurement, and final control in the Oil & Gas, Flow, Pressure, and Valves groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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