Wireless Gas Chromatograph Pipeline Composition Measurement

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The Emerson Exchange conference goes way back several decades to the Provox Users Group. The meeting was started by users who wanted to give direct input to the leadership team on fixes, improvements and enhancements. This user led history carries forward to today with a customer led Emerson Exchange board of directors. Their role is to keep the conference in line with the mission:

…to provide a forum for the open exchange of non-proprietary information among the users and Emerson Process Management with an emphasis on the enabling technologies and the solutions and services of Emerson Process Management.

This mission is advanced through five goals:

  1. Ensure that Emerson Global User Exchange attitudes, planning and activities continue to meet the attendee needs. Encourage the attendees and users of Emerson Process Management technologies to actively participate.
  2. Enable attendees to participate in activities such as symposia, special interest groups, local and international forums, newsletters, social media, and the online Emerson Exchange 365 group to promote the exchange of ideas among users.
  3. Improve the efficiency and use of enabling technologies available and employed at each member’s location, by sharing successes, solutions, and pitfalls to be avoided.
  4. Develop and maintain a relationship with Emerson Process Management Business Units. Actively participate in long range planning activities for Emerson Process Management technologies by providing feedback at conferences and other scheduled meetings.
  5. Provide a forum for announcements and discussions of new products and services.

I wanted to share this as background in case you’ve never attended one of the conferences and were curious of its origins. The board has also developed a justification letter template to help you sell your management team on the value in coming to the October 24-28 conference this year in Austin, Texas.

Give yourself extra time when you come and take in the city via a Segway tour too!

Emerson's Greg Latch

If your process involves the analysis of gas compositions, one presentation you might want to add to your schedule is Innovative Wireless Gas Chromatograph Solution from Emerson Improves Measurement and Reduces Costs for Pipelines in Australia by Emerson’s Greg Latch.

Here is his presentation’s abstract:

Hydrocarbon producers and transporters need to know the composition of the gases and liquids for accurate custody transfer and reliable, efficient operations. Gas Chromatographs (GCs) are used to identify the composition of the fluids or gases. On-site installation and commissioning of the GC allow it to communicate vital information and diagnostic back to the central control room but this can be challenging and costly. This project depicts how Emerson wireless technology helped a gas pipeline company to reduce installation costs and integrate communication across a gas distribution network.

The challenge in this project was to meet the low detection limit required for the gas analysis composition, measured in parts per billion for the heavier hydrocarbons and trace sulfur levels flowing in the pipelines. It was important to minimize the exposure time in hazardous areas for the operating personnel with local and remote access. Support is also streamlined via the cellular-Ethernet modem to provide access for remote site support specialists and Emerson technical support centers.

Join us in Austin for the conference (register by August 31 to save $400) and connect & interact with other analytical device experts in the Analytical group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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