Accurate Multiphase Flow Measurement

Many industries, such as oil & gas production, require flow measurement for fluids with gas and liquid phases.

Emerson's Kevin Borden

In this quick 1:49 video, 5700 with Advanced Phase Measurement, Emerson’s Kevin Borden describes how advanced phase measurement (APM) technology provides multiphase Coriolis flow measurement for challenging gas or liquid applications. APM technology is available in the Micro Motion Model 5700 advanced field mount transmitter.

Kevin notes that this technology can provide accuracy of +/-3% for a gas void fraction up to 15%. The APM algorithm provides corrected mass and volumetric flow values when multiphase flow conditions are present. Gas void fraction is also calculated.

He describes common applications including direct wellhead and separator net oil measurements and starch concentration in food and beverage processes. The APM technology can handle entrained air in liquid measurements and liquid mists in gas measurements. When combined with net oil computer software, measuring 3-phase flow with liquids of different densities and a gas phase is possible. For oil and gas production measurements this combination provides water cut, net oil, shrinkage factor and gas void fraction.

You can connect and interact with other flow measurement and oil & gas industry experts in the Flow and Oil & Gas groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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