Driving Value and Safety in Current Oil Price Environment

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At CERAWeek 2016, Emerson president Ed Monser (pictured at right with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan) joined a distinguished panel including Chevron’s Wesley Lohec, ERM’s Don Lloyd and IHS panel chair Nilesh Dayal to discuss operational strategies in the current economic and energy climate.

The session’s objectives were lofty: “The global energy industry has an imperative to deliver health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance while maintaining operational integrity. Today, all companies face a common challenge. How will they maintain adequate resource levels to ensure that their operations run safely and productively while managing the implications of a cost-constrained world? And what role will technology play in supporting ever-tightening resource availability? This session will explore strategies that integrated energy companies and their suppliers are using to achieve asset reliability, greater productivity, and reduced risk of HSE incidents.”

Monser opened with describing the importance of Emerson investments on anything that helped process manufacturers and producers improve safety, environmental impact improvement and efficiency. Highly safe plants see the impact of their diligence all the way down to the bottom line performance of the plant. The key is to move from managing abnormal situations to preventing them.

Post continued at Top Quartile: From IHS CERAWeek: Driving Value & Safety in World of Uncertainty.

Posted Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 under Oil & Gas.

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