Improving Bulk Liquids Storage Terminal Management

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Event, Industry, Oil & Gas

A safe, reliable and efficient bulk liquids storage terminal requires effective order execution. As part of a terminal management system, the execution of these orders must consider scheduling, asset and use management, process control, safety instrumented functions and reporting for the business systems.

Emerson's Ramon Badell

Emerson's Gerry Snow

In the continuing Bulk Liquids Storage Terminals Webinar Series, Emerson’s Ramon Badell and Gerry Snow present on the topic of Management and Information Processing for Terminals on August 17 at 1pm CDT.

Ramon and Gerry will highlight the need for robust operations management practices to effectively deal with increased complexity and growing need for information management. A well-integrated terminal management system can improve profitability, reduce operating costs, optimize assets, and improve safety performance.

They will discuss common operational challenges, the operational business cycle within a terminal, advanced applications for one or multiple terminals, and have a question and answer portion at the end.

Some common challenges include the inefficient use of terminal assets, inaccurate and/or ill-timed terminal customer communications, reconciling physical inventory versus book inventory, and closing the books in a timely and accurate manner. The challenges, if not addressed, can result in limiting throughput and growth, falling short of customer expectations and missing revenue opportunities.

Manual processes or islands of automation leads to poor and inefficient scheduling are often the source of terminal asset inefficiencies. The lack of accurate transactional data and lengthy manual processes on disparate systems can be a root cause of inaccurate and ill-timed customer communications. The incomplete flow of communications between the commercial and operations sides of the business as well as a lack of real-time visibility into terminal activities and inventory affects the closing of the financial books in a timely and accurate manner.

Ramon and Gerry will share how technologies and integrated software such as TerminalManager better manage orders, planning & scheduling, on-site preparation, loading & unloading and after loading & unloading operations.

Management and Information Processing for Terminals webinar

Join Ramon and Gerry for this webinar to learn more about ways to improve overall bulk liquids storage terminal performance.

Also, make sure to catch other webinars in this series. If you can’t make it at the scheduled time, a recorded version will be available following the webinar.

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