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Streamlining Oil & Gas Well Test Operations

The separation of oil, gas, produced water and sediments from producing oil & gas wells take place in production separators. Traditionally test separators were also installed to individually test the wells to determine their composition of these components. Technology advancements have opened up the opportunity to perform this multiphase measurement without the need for the test separator.

Emerson's Dew Divakaran

In this short, 2-minute video, Optimizing Well Testing Operations, Emerson’s Dew Divakaran describes how oil & gas producers can simplify these well testing operations through flow measurement and management technologies.

This approach combines a Bettis Multiport Flow Selector (MPFS) & Multiport Actuator (MPA) with a Roxar multiphase meter. The MPFS allows:

…the selecting and diverting of well fluids from an individual well to a single test outlet, flow loop or sampling device. Connecting up to seven flow lines, the Multiport Flow Selector allows the combined fluids to flow through a separate group outlet, while simultaneously isolating any single well for testing.

The MPFS reduces installation, operating and maintenance costs by reducing the number of isolation valves in production/test manifolds to provide more compact piping designs than either conventional two-way or three-way valve manifolds.

The Roxar multiphase meter provides direct and continuous multiphase flow monitoring at the wellhead to provide greater measurement accuracy and eliminate the need for dedicated test lines and test separators. These meters can be applied in applications such as oil and wetgas wells, direct wellhead monitoring, multi-well testing, allocation and fiscal metering, and shale well flow back monitoring. For more, here are the full specifications.

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