Offshore Oil & Gas Control Room–Anywhere and Everywhere

The April 30th through May 3rd Offshore Technology Conference (OTC2018) in Houston, Texas will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. Energy professionals and suppliers serving the oil & gas industry gather to:

…exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Emerson's Peter ZornioOne of the more than 350 technical presentations will be given by Emerson Automation Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer, Peter Zornio. As part of the Digitalization: A Vision Forward technical program on Monday morning, Peter’s presentation will be The Control Room is Anywhere and Everywhere: Putting the Industrial Internet of Things to Work Offshore and Beyond.

I’ll highlight a few of the points Peter will make and invite you to attend the exhibit area and see some of the technologies making this possible.

Offshore oil & gas production can be characterized by the 4Ds—dangerous, dirty, distant and dull. As such, it’s hard to assemble the expertise required to keep production running at optimum levels. The production platforms produce a wealth of real-time data including production, operations, and asset health that can be used to optimize operations, if the expertise is available to translate this data into improvement actions.

The advances introduced with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opens the opportunity for even more real-time data to improve safety, reliability and efficiency. Effectively using this data to manage and monitor production operations requires not only the wealth of data, but also analytics and experts.

Remote integrated operations (iOps) centers help to consolidate expertise and enable expertise from key third-party providers. Peter cites an example of one of the world’s largest offshore processing vessel the operates with an integrated operations center located 2,000km away. This mode of operation takes data, analytics and domain experts to turn the endless stream of data into actionable, improvement instructions.

The Industrial Internet of Things technologies enables a scalable approach, where you begin with the business problem to be solved, benchmark current performance, pilot the technologies and changed work practices, measure improvements, and scale to continue to improve business performance.

In his presentation, Peter will share proven Industrial Internet of Things strategies and how oil & gas producers have applied them to improve safety, reliability and efficiency. If you’ll be at OTC2018, catch Peter’s presentation and see the technologies behind this mode of operation.

Visit Emerson at the Offshore Technology Conference 2018 page on to get a free show pass and visit us in booth #2261 in NRG Center or to connect with an Emerson IIoT expert.

Emerson booth #2261 in the NRG Center at OTC2018

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