Reducing Lost and Unaccounted-for Gas with Coriolis Flow Measurement

Every three years, the World Gas Conference convenes. It is:

…the most important global gas industry gathering of influential leaders, policy-makers, buyers, sellers and experts.

Emerson's Marc Buttler

Emerson’s Marc Buttler will present at this year’s conference, June 25-29 in Washington DC. His presentation, Calibration Options for Coriolis Meters in Natural Gas Measurement, will discuss how:

Coriolis meters are creating new opportunities to improve transmission and distribution systems for enhanced reliability, reductions in lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) gas, and increased project velocity and certainty. This presentation describes the multiple options that are available to calibrate a Coriolis meter for natural gas measurement, and explains the advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing the best method for any given project or application.

Marc will highlight the American Gas Association’s AGA Report 11 and:

…how to achieve the flexibility to use alternative fluids like water for calibration of Coriolis natural gas meters in applications that require standard accuracy. Some Coriolis meters are also starting to offer Piece-Wise Linearization (PWL) when the meters are calibrated on gas. The application of PWL adjustment to Coriolis meters calibrated in gas labs is producing results in the form of superior accuracy for high-volume and critical applications to help reduce system LAUF. Operators can now use the flexibility to choose between either a water calibration or a gas calibration.

Piecewise Linearization helps reduce LAUF that can be caused by measurement errors. It applies adjustments based on valuable third-party gas lab calibrations. A Micro Motion Elite Coriolis meters with PWL (typically 0.10% verification results—actual results will depend on selected gas laboratory reference uncertainty) are 7 times more accurate than the AGA 11 specification.

Piecewise Linearization for Micro Motion Coriolis Meters

If you’ll be heading to the 2018 World Gas Conference, make sure to catch Marc’s presentation and connect with him. You can also connect and interact with other flow measurement experts in the Flow group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community or face to face at the October 1-5 Emerson Exchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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