Valve Condition Monitoring for Improved Operational Performance

by , | Apr 14, 2020 | Valves, Actuators & Regulators

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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The Industrial Internet of Things technologies enable more assets to be continuously monitored than was economically practical when wired sensors were the only option. With this additional flow of data, the value comes from being able to interpret this data to take action to improve operational performance in safety, reliability and efficiency.

Control valves, found widely across process and hybrid manufacturing and production facilities, are examples of assets that provide a wealth of data that needs interpretation to create value.

In this 2:26 YouTube video, Use Condition Monitoring for to Help Eliminate Unplanned Downtime Risk for Your Valves, Emerson’s Clint Schneider shares ways to identify valve issues before they impact operational performance.

Clint opens noting the importance of control valves in the process. When issues develop, throughput and potential unplanned shutdowns can occur.

Valves today can generate a lot of data that can requires interpretation. Clint noted that Emerson valve experts can help with this interpretation to give actionable recommendations on how to address issues. I touched on this condition monitoring service in an earlier post as one part of the Digital Valve Services portfolio of services.

He also pointed to the RFID-based Asset Management Tags that connects operations and maintenance staff with Emerson technical information about the valve as well as facility-provided information such as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) information, documentation and/or preventive maintenance guidelines.

Clint also highlighted augmented reality (AR)-based remote assistance services in which Emerson valve experts can help plant staff solve difficult issues without having to be physically present at the site.

Visit the Digital Valve Services section on for more on how these services can help you drive performance improvements in safety, reliability and efficiency. You can also connect and interact with other valve experts in the Valve, Actuators & Regulators group on Emerson Exchange 365.

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