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Machine Learning and IIoT for Real-Time Batch Optimization

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One of the areas where Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) teams are more closely collaborating is in machine learning applications. At the recent ARC Industry Forum conference in Orlando, Blair Fraser, with Emerson Impact Partner Lakeside Controls, presented in a session, IT/OT convergence, Machine Learning and IIoT enables predictive performance monitoring of Fermentation […]

Gain a Deeper Process Understanding through Batch Analytics

Posted in Control & Safety Systems, Life Sciences & Medical on Friday, April 12th, 2013. 4 comments so far
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Models can help bring understanding to complex processes. In batch manufacturing, one of the benefits from generating models from process history data is the process understanding gained by going through the steps of generating and refining the model. These steps involve reviewing the data to be used in the model as well as examining the […]

Results Applying Real-Time Batch Analytics

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For batch processes, comparing between batches to achieve a high degree of consistency has always been a challenge. In a Chemical Processing article, Batch Processing Gets a Boost, Emerson’s Dawn Marruchella shares results from some beta sites where the real-time batch analytics capability is been proven out before the DeltaV version 12 release occurs in […]

Ace Up My Sleeve-Counting the Seconds and the Workings` of a Chaotic Mind

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Can saving seconds add up? Emerson’s Anand Iyer provides his unique perspectives on batch processes and accumulated timesavings. We were in a car, driving after work, discussing different things, that two engineers (one from Sales and one from Technology) can discuss after a late evening at a clients site. There had been a bus drive […]

Batch On-Line Data Analytics

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At Emerson Exchange 2009, Lubrizol’s Bob Wojewodka and Emerson’s Terry Blevins presented, Benefits Achieved Using On-Line Data Analytics. Lubrizol and Emerson have worked together to develop on-line batch analytics as a beta test. The objective was to demonstrate on-line prediction of quality and economic parameters and evaluate different means of on-line fault detection and identification. […]