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With a Little Help from Your Global Peer-to-Peer Community

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Social networks have made peer-to-peer knowledge sharing easier and more accessible than ever. Given the challenge of running process manufacturing and production facilities safely, reliably and efficiently, this ability to tap into others’ expertise is critical. A great example of where this knowledge sharing occurs is in the Emerson Exchange 365 community. For example, in […]

Solving Reactor Water Drum Level Problems

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Author: Mark Brewer I was asked by the engineers at a chemical manufacturing site here in the United Kingdom if I could have a quick look at a level control problem in a reactor coolant water drum. They have 2 very large reactors that generate a lot of waste heat that is removed from the […]

Three Tough Level Control Challenges

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Emerson’s Sergei Kuznetsov will be presenting at the rapidly approaching Emerson Exchange Technical Conference. In his presentation, Three Non-conventional Level Control Applications, Sergei shares how to approach three quirky level control challenges: Particle bin level control with large deadtime presence Copper mine concentrator sump system Oil platform water injection surge vessel level control The Oriented […]

Applying Adaptive Control to Difficult Level Control Applications

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As we get further away from our college years, sometimes misconceptions can solidify. For instance, most engineers that had a basic control theory class may recall that increasing the gain in a feedback loop at some point will introduce instability/oscillations. The misconception is that this is not universally true for all loops, such as level […]

Vessel Level Control Can Reduce Process Variability

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Like capacitors do for electrical circuits, vessel levels provide capacity that can absorb variability within the process. In many cases, a properly tuned level controller can make the variability of the vessel outflow can be much less than the variability vessel inflow. Of course, if it’s not properly tuned, the variability can pass right through […]